Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Back in the groove again

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a nice New Year. Tracey and I planned on treating it just like any other night and getting some much needed rest. It was my night to stay up with Colby so I crashed on the couch. Colby was due to eat around 11:00 so I stayed up when Tracey went to bed thinking that he'd wake up around 10:30.....but that didn't happen. Finally around 11:30 he woke and took his sweet time taking a bottle. I guess he was anxious to ring in the new year. So he and I sat on the couch watching Dick Clark and the rest of the crew on TV. It was kinda neat to be awake with him at midnight. I told him it was the new year and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He looked up at me and burped. A good sign I guess.
I can't tell you how good it is not to have to run over to the hospital every day. It's been almost a week now since Colby's been home and I'd say just within the last day or so Tracey and I have started to fall back into our old groove again and man does that feel good! I did some grocery shopping yesterday. I love grocery shopping! ....good, I'm such a metro! Then today Tracey and I had some coffee together, chatted for a bit and we both started our day. I worked form the couch for a bit. She took care of Colby. Then I started doing some laundry and made some great French Onion Soup from a recipe in Cooking Light. I love that magazine! Now that we're home we'll be cooking more and I look forward to that.
So it feels really good to be home-based again. Sure, the sleep part is tough, but we'll get used to it and over time he'll sleep a little more each night.
He still hasn't pooped. It's been a day and 1/2 now. We called the nurse again this morning and she said that as long as he doesn't show signs of distress and there's no hardening in his belly, then all should be OK. But if he hasn't done anything by the end of today, we're going to call the doctor and see what he has to say.
Tomorrow we start back into our work schedules again. Luckily my work slows considerably during the holidays. People are thinking about spending money....not investing it. So I've already got appointments booked through January and that should get us off to a good start. Tracey has been able to get most of her Wednesdays and Thursdays off for the month of January and that will be nice for you.
Tomorrow I'm off to eastern CT for an appointment, then back to bring Colby to his neurosurgeon follow up appointment. Tomorrow just happens to be one of the Wednesday Tracey couldn't get off from work. The doctor will be looking at Colby's head to see if the spinal tap they did last week seems to have done the trick for now or if the fluid has come back to pre-spinal tap amounts. We feel his soft spots every day and they haven't been firm so we're hoping all will go well.
I'm going to snap some pictures of our little man today and will probably post them later. I hope everyone has a great start to their new year!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to start the new year. And I'd say that burp was definitely a good start!! (any gas he's letting out is gas he won't be screaming about.)

I hope his appointment goes well and he gets smiles and cheers from the doctor.