Saturday, January 19, 2008

Overdue update

Sorry for the long delay in posting an update. Monday-Wednesday I had relatively busy days and didn't get home until 8-9pm. Then I would do my best to help around the house, visit with the family and wrap up loose ends from the office. Thursday was a long day and then I had a friend over in the evening. The idea was that we would make some nachos, have some wine and play around with the guitars.....well...Colby had other ideas. I had Colby duty part of Wednesday night, all Thursday and most of Friday night. So I'm 110% tired, maybe even a little cranky and I simply haven't felt that social or that much like even going online much. Anyway....that's my sob story about why I haven't been on the blog in the last couple days.
Now onto better things....the Colbster! He's doing very well. Depending on what scale you believe, he's broken the 8 pound mark. I've seen improvement in his ability to keep his head up when we hold him. He has plenty of muscle to pull his head backwards, but it's bringing it forward that seems to challenge him the most. Nothing too new with his belly. We've been giving him some diluted pear juice every day and that's gotten things moving along. He continues to get up every 3 to 3 1/2 hours to eat. Although I'm finding that sometimes at night he eats less than during the day. I'll tell you, I love him and all, but he looses some of his charm once the sun goes down! Come 1am to about 5am, when I wake up to hear him screaming away and go in to change and feed him and NOTHING seems to sooth him....ow yeah......good times. I just bite my tongue and keep reminding myself this is all part of the deal. It's definitely worse when I'm really tired. But like I said...all part of the deal.
We've been sleeping in our room and putting him in his room. We can literally see his crib from the bed as it's right across the hallway. We can still hear his every little grunt and groan, but the 15 feet or so between us now helps Tracey and I get a little more rest. And like I said above, once he's up....we know about it!
He had an appointment to get a follow up ultrasound on his head this past Thursday. An assistant did the ultrasound and was going to have the doctor look at it. We haven't heard the results yet.
Colby had his first trip to my office yesterday. Fridays are my day to watch him. When he's sleeping, I'm able to get a lot of work done, either wrapping up paperwork from the prior days, doing research or catching up on e-mails. But yesterday I had to get into the office by the end of the day so I had to bring him. Everyone in the office was excited to see him. I unfortunately had to ask that people not touch him as we can't take the chance of anyone being sick and not yet knowing it. It was fun. I can't wait until summer when the cold/flu season is behind us, the weather is warmer and we can bring him for walks and all.
Tomorrow we're heading to Thomaston, CT. My hometown to see my mom and dad. They both want to see Colby. But Tracey and I also need some "Scott & Tracey time". So we'll let then watch Colby while Tracey and I blast downtown for a dinner. Boy are we looking forward to that!!!
I'm afraid I don't have any new pictures to post. I know you all keep asking that I keep them coming. I'll probably take a good amount tomorrow.
I just gave Colby a bath and then a bottle so he's out cold now. Tracey went to pick Evan up from his dad's and then is going grocery shopping. So I'm going to take advantage of a quiet house and relax for a bit. More updates tomorrow.


colecam said...

Wow Scott, 8 lbs is great!! I'm sorry about you getting so tired.I can't relate, because both my boys woke up and ate and got changed and were asleep before I could put them back in the crib. It will get better. I'm glad you and Tracey will be able to get out alone, that is so important. Can't wait to see a new picture. Have fun tomorrow. Tina

Anonymous said...

Way to go Colby... 8 lbs!!! Your going to be bigger than Maleia in no time at this rate.

Have a great dinner tomorrow!!!

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Colby is doing great!!!His cousin Hannah climbs out of her crib now...things to look forward to. Have a great dinner!!!
Love, Mary and Hannah

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that you and tracy are going to get some "scott and tracey time". You two are really an inspiration on how to find the balance in life between, work, children and each other.