Friday, January 11, 2008

Some faces from Colby's Fan Club!!!

Before we begin, the following pictures are in no particular order.

Secondly, if any of the kids are reading this, know that your little faces are now posted on the Internet where TONS of people are watching. So don't be surprised if you start to get movie offers, cereal commercial requests or calls from Nickelodeon! haha

Lastly, I tried my best to include a little info on everyone. I hope I got my facts straight. If I missed anyone or of any of you haven't yet sent pictures, just let me know and I'll add them on!!!

So I introduce to you..................................................

COLBY'S FAN CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let's start things off with this little sweety, Maleia! She's got to be one of the most photographed cuties I've ever seen. And boy is she photogenic!! As with many of Colby's friends, Maleia came a little early and spent some time in the NICU. But the love and support that her parents, Jaime and Jordon, showered her with helped her move right along and today she's doing wonderfully! You guys have been such wonderful parents. Maleia is a lucky little girl to have you guys as parents. Keep the pictures of your little girl coming!!!
Say hello Heather and Eric's family....Savanna and her little sister Addison. Savanna is her mom's "mini-mi" and sidekick. Since Addy arrived in early November, Savanna has been a wonderful big sister watching after her and letting her mom know if the baby needs something. I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but Savanna is all smiles in front of the camera! Just adorable!

Next up....Nick and Shannon!!!! I used to help Nick's mom when she was VERY pregnant as she sat right next to me in the office. Nick..there were days when you mom...well...didn't feel very well so I'd help her make her way out of work at the end of the day...we'd walk 50 feet, she'd have to sit down, walk another 50 feet, she'd get all white in the face. Ow yes...good times for all! And look at you guys now!!! Shannon a young woman and Nick what a handsome young man!

Welcome Cole and Camden.....If there were every two brothers that look like they stick together and watch each other's's these two!!! I'm sure mom has stories that both support and contradict this thought. I think I see a mischievous look in their eye too. hehe

Say hello to beautiful little Marley. She was born just a day before Colby's due date and sadly, also has an angel twin watching over her. Looks like she got all dressed up for the holiday and was enjoying the photo op! What a cutie!!
Matt, Lorna, Tyler and little Addison. They are NICU experts as well having had little Tyler at 1 1/2 pounds and unfortunately experienced the passing of his twin brother Hayden. By keeping strong and working as a family, after 98 days in the NICU, they were able to bring Tyler home....and look at him now !! What a big boy!!!!
From up in chilly's my cousin Stephanie's son Miles!!! He knows how to throw a party and for his big second birthday, he did it up right. It looks like he was quite excited as he surrounded himself with friends and good people. He enjoyed some sugar filled cake and washed it down with a cool, refreshing Polar lime seltzer. ahhhh yes...the good life!!!

Children's fashion is something to be marvelled. Here we find Logan and Brynn showing off their latest fashion creations and lookin as stylin as ever!!! Logan's ski goggles complement Brynns pink high heals marvelously!! Absolutely beautiful girls!!!! They're looking forward to their new brother or sister who's coming in a couple months!
Now here's little Hannah. She's the daughter of my cousin Randy and his wife Mary. And she's looking as cute as ever. Randy, a police officer, was injured while on duty. He ended up breaking his arm pretty badly while Hannah was just a baby. As I've said before, we've had the challenge of the NICU, but everyone has their own challenges that come their way. Randy and Mary did wonderfully having a little baby at home with an injured daddy. Randy is now back on duty, Hannah is growing up so quickly and Mary probably has Randy doing chores around the house until he's 50 because of when his arm was busted and Mary had to step in for him. haha
And the Hyatt girls!!!! Megan 8, Lauren 5 and Katelyn rounding off the bunch at 1 year of age!!! What a beautiful family!!! Hmm, let's do the plus three girls = 4 females in the house.....and poor dad is the only guy. Dan, looks like you may have your work cut out for you!
From all the way out in Ohio, welcome Larry, Jenny, Emily and Lauren!! Yet another family with NICU experience. Lauren was born 1 lb 14 ounces at 30 weeks gestation. She's turning 4 years old in March! Although a bit smaller than her friends, her spirit and personality show that size doesn't matter and that it's all in how you approach the world.

Tracey is a licensed massage therapist. She got pregnant in the last year of her schooling. While studying she became friends with a wonderful woman, Tina. Come to find out, Tina got pregnant too so the two of them kept in touch after they graduated to keep tabs on each other's pregnancies. Here is Tina and Ken's little bundle of joy, Kason, who apparently loves striking a pose while lounging around in bed. Ahhhh, that's the life!!!

Although I like many baby names, the above baby's name I must say has a special place within me. This is Kendra's little Avery. She was born on November 20th when all of the sudden Kendra needed an emergency C-section. Kendra and her husband kept strong and made it though their unexpected turn in events and look at Avery now...happy and healthy. Kendra, thank you again for reaching out to us.

It's funny how sometimes friends from the past track you down again. Laura has been a friend of the family for years. My dad has kept in touch with her and her family. Rick, as you can see if the photo, is in Iraq. Yet with all that they have going on, they have cared enough to keep tabs on little Colby and that means a lot. Thank you so much for your support and for the photo! Very best wishes to you and Rick and once everyone is back stateside and in CT, we'll need to get together, let the dogs play and catch up a bit!

The above beautiful little guy is Aidan, my cousin Laura's son. Aidan is looking forward to modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch one day and hopes this warm pose in a chilly scene will launch his career! It looks like Aidan already has a little best friend, his teddy bear. Colby is anxious to meet Aidan at the family events and I've told him not to be jealous of Aidans thick hair. haha You see, Colby's hair is....well....sparse right now. You're stlyin' Aidan...keep up the good work!

A handyman in the making. Here's Alanna's handsome little helper, Mason. He's getting ready for the arrival of an new baby brother or sister in a couple months! And do you know what? Mason is getting to be such a big boy that he's starting to use the potty!!! Come one everyone, let's root Mason on!!! Keep up the good work Alanna! Just two more months to go!

Hats off to Cynthia and Brian for raising these little cuties! From left to right, Brady, Alaina and Aaron. Yup...Brady and Aaron are twins!!! I'm sitting here with only one eye open from just one night being up to feed a singleton. Hats off to you guys for making it through the nights with twins! And by the looks of things, you've got difference of opinion withing the family...the girls liking the Red Sox and the boys rooting for the Yankees. That should make for some interesting times down the road. Keep up the good work! The family is adorable!!!

My best friend growing up was another Scott. His sister, Natalie and her husband, Will, now live out in TX and have these two beautiful children, Sophie and Griffin. Adorable little guys! Hmmm, if I recall correctly, their mommy and uncle knew how to have some fun in their teenage years and at times drove their mom guess what Nat....What goes around comes around. times ahead! haha

Mi Familia!!! Back in 1993-4 between High School and college, I spent a year in Chile, South America as an exchange student. I lived with just a wonderful Chilean family and had three brothers while I was down there. As families do, they've grown and now have children of their own. Above are pictures of mis sobrinos. Que lindos! I look forward to the day when Colby can meet his cousins and the uncles and grandparents can tell stories of when "El gringo" come to Chile! Mama, papa, Francisco, Rodrigo y Felipe, les echo de menos y ojala que nos veremos pronto!And let's round off this blog entry with a simply beautiful photo (if I do say so myself hehe) of the Johnson Family!!!! We see Chris and Liz and their daughters Chloe and Caitlin posing for their Xmas picture. What a good looking family! They live just around the block from us. Colby is looking forward hanging out with Caitlin....however I'll remember not to wear a new shirt when I hold her this time. haha


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting our beautiful little girl, Maleia, on your blog!!!

The other pictures are so cute!!! It is amazing how many families are out there supporting you, Tracey, Evan, and of course little Colby!!!

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia

lorna said...

That is our first family picture ever! I'm usually behind the lens. My blog is in the making, all because I really like Colby's. And to update your blog from a week or so that time I was attempting to get the kids to sleep in the same room, it just wasn't working, somebody was sleeping somewhere different every few hours. So I ditched the playroom and gave them seperate rooms, ordered toy boxes, did a little painting and rearranging. I thought it was working, but just realized Tyler is in our bed, for the third night in a row!!! So I ditched Addison for Tyler, not sure that's a step in the right direction...but at least he sleeps 12 straight hours. Just thought I'd share the joys of parenting...they really are wonderful :) Have a great weekend.

Liz and Chris said...

Colby has quite the fan club! Quite the popular one!