Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Colby's Followup appt with the Neurosurgeon

Colby had a follow up appointment today with the neurosurgeon that did the spinal tap on him before he came home. The idea was that they were going to check him to see if his hydrocephalus has stayed down or if it's come back.
I need to keep as busy as I can Monday-Thursday so Tracey brought him for the followup. She called me on my cell phone to let me know that the ultrasounds show that his hydrocephalus is getting worse. This hit me harder than I expected. I think it's because he's been home for a while now and I just want things to be "normal". I want the future to be "normal".
So, here we go again....
I just have spotty details as I was gathering information from Tracey over the phone as I wrapped up one appointment and headed to another. But as I understand it, the neurosurgeon is going to try to do a Third Ventriculostomy. They will go through the top of Colby's head with a camera, go down into his ventricle and make a hole in the bottom of the ventricle to drain the fluid. The doctor says that it doesn't always work and there are risks, but if it does work it's more of a "one and done". If upon going into his head they find it just doesn't look like it will work, they will put in a shunt.
Timing? It sounds like it will be within the next couple weeks. He's be admitted for a bit after his surgery.
That's about all the details I have thus far. I'm sorry that some of you who may be expecting an e-mail or phone call to let you know of this are finding out via the blog. But like I said this is hitting me harder than things in the past and I honestly don't feel like talking much. I need to save what spunk I still have as I need to give a presentation to a school board in about an hour. Isn't it funny how life just keeps pushing you sometimes.
I talked with Tracey about it and we're both of the same opinion..........although we don't want to be going through this, we just don't have a choice and we need to make the best of it all. And if it's what Colby needs, then it's what we need to do.
As I get more information, I'll update everyone.


Anonymous said...

Dear Scott and Tracey,

I am so sorry to hear about Colby's setback. As I was reading it a quote that I had read a while back came to mind. To paraphrase -

God does not give us more than we can handle, God helps us handle what we are given.

May you find strength and peace in God's love.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Laura Wheatley

Anonymous said...

I know that it seems like a major set back but it too will be alright. I have a co-worker who has a little girl that is in third grade this year. She is doing so great. You ask why I am telling you this? She had a shunt put in when she was a couple of months old. She has not had any trouble. I know you want to be behind all of the medical things but to be honest it might take a while. My preemie is three and healty for the most part. But sometimes the little things creap in. Keep your chins up!

We are still praying in Delta!

Anonymous said...

Scott and Tracey, Sometimes yelling, "Enough already!" does help. The two of you have been through so much already, you will push through this the same way you've pushed through the rest: together. And this time you'll have that little guy with you, letting you know, this too will be alright. This certainly isn't the first hurdle and as a mom of a (really healthy) micropreemie, it may not be the last.

Scott, don't feel badly about reporting via blog. Sometimes, you have to do what your body, both physically and mentally will allow you to do. Take care of your family, give Colby an extra hug for us. And always look at that adorable little smiling face when life throws you a curve. On my worst day Tyler's existance has made me smile.

Get some rest and keep on pushing.