Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Birth to Three visit

Sorry for not posting yesterday. It was just a long day.

Colby is doing pretty good. He pooped yesterday and it seems that whenever he poops, he gets very cranky afterward. I think that as things are moving down it's uncomfortable for him. Poor guy.

His head is also a bit larger. It was 38 1/2 cm's the other day, now it's 39. The doctor said to watch for any marked increases in his head circumference. So we're measuring him daily to make sure his hydrocephalus isn't causing trouble again.

Apart from that....just parenting as usual. Tracey has been simply wonderful and what a trooper over the last couple days. She's allowed me to focus on my work which is what I need to do right now. But we do what we can to work together and strike a balance. I'll watch Colby 100% on the days that she's working. It's also important that we each still have lives outside of parenting. She's heading out to go to Yoga with a couple friends tonight. I'm having a friend over tomorrow night to play the guitars a bit. It's all about balance. Sometimes things do get out of whack, but it's not forever if you work to bring things back the way they need to be.

Birth to Three came this morning for their first visit ( I know, I said they were coming yesterday and I got my days mixed up). It was a great visit. They were pleased with Colby's progress and overall he scored just a little low. His eye contact and head movement was a little behind. But all else...muscle tone, eating, grasping, alertness, etc was good. So we're really pleased at this!
I was able to be home when they came. I try my best to juggle things and it just so happened that my first client appointment today was at 11:30, so I was able to be home when they came. We're very fortunate that our schedules are the way they are. Way back when we started to try to get pregnant, we started to try to structure things as best we could to allow us this flexibility.

Keep those pictures coming. I'd say I have pictures from at least 10 people so far.

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