Monday, January 7, 2008

Quick update

(I came across this picture today. I had forgotten about it. It's obviously Hamilton looking just thrilled that we decided to put a Santa hat on him last year! Hamilton says "Mewwwwy will you put dat cwyin ting down and pet me?". We always give Hamilton Scooby-Do voice.)

Colby is just one once shy of 7 lbs. The visiting nurse came today and said everything is looking good. She said she was going to ask the pediatrician if he felt she needed to continue to visit. We took that as a very good thing.

Tomorrow Colby has his first birth to three visit. They come right to the house. I would love to be here, but it's getting too hard to juggle all his doctors visits, my work and still block off time to watch him when Tracey's working. So I've decided that on the days that I need to's just that, I need to work. If there's a monumental appointment, then certainly I'll plan around that, but I have clients to tend to and I need to keep paying the bills. Aren't finances great??!!

Tracey took some really great pictures of Colby today. Honestly, I'm just too tired to load them and post them. I got home from the office around 9pm, then helped around the house and now I have nothing in my head other than first...update the blog..then, go to bed! See, I've got my priorities straight!! haha

Thank all of you who have sent me pictures. They're adorable!!! It's also great to put a face to the name for many of you. I plan on posting them either Thursday or Friday. Actually, it'll probably be Friday as that's my day home with Colby and I'll simply have the time to do it. For those of you who haven't yet sent in your pictures, please e-mail them to me and then come Friday I'll do a posting of Colby's friends.

And I really like getting the comments and the e-mails about how all of you have gotten through the whole sleeping thing and other topics that I post. I really enjoy how the blog has allowed us to share our experiences. I do find it very interesting though that the posts and e-mails are ALL from women/mom's. I talk to Tracey about this a lot...that guys just don't seem to express themselves the same way that women do. We joke that if this was a blog about sports or bikinis, that I'd all of the sudden have guys commenting. So I ask you if your significant other watches the blog too or if it appeals more to you. Before I get slammed from the guys out there, I do recognise that there are some guys reading the blog. But maybe this will provoke some dialog.
Anyway, I'm tired and that's probably why I'm going off on a tangent here......

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