Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Smiling Elvis is cruisin' with Hamilton!

(Colby is beginning to laugh at things. Not very often but either if you make a funny noise, kiss his forehead or tickle his cheeks.)
(Our little Elvis)

(I'm not sure what this face is all about. Yesterday was a very warm day for Connecticut in January (about 60 degrees). So Tracey plopped Colby in his stroller for the first time and brought him out for his first cruise in front of the house.)(And yes...the ever-present Hamilton was there for Colby's maiden voyage. He's a good boy...just like his brother.)

Another good day is under our belt. Colby is doing well. I can see him progressing with his head control, motor skills and coordination. I stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home today and got him a little mat that he lays on with some toys that hang down for him to play with. We already have another one (Thank you Celeste!), but it's a little bit for him now. Like so many other things...he'll grow into it.
Tracey and I are getting used to our new schedule with him being home. This week was my first week really working. The prior weeks were a bit off because he had just gotten home and with the holidays, I didn't have that many appointments. We're both a bit tired (boy is that a common theme in this blog!). But that's to be expected.

I've been enjoying getting uninterrupted night's sleep as Tracey has been taking care of Colby at night. BUT...tonight is my last night. I have Colby-Care tomorrow and Friday night. Short in comparison to Tracey's last 4 days.....I know. But I do like my sleep. haha. She does so much better than I when she hasn't had sleep. She's a little snippy, as am I. But she can still talk and function. When I get really run down, don't ask me to talk or interact much or you'll be sorry. LOL


Anonymous said...

Tyler had head lag and low muscle tone in his trunk and legs when early intervention came out. Head lag resolved itself with PT quickly. Low muscle tone is still present, but hasn't presented a problem. I made a toy trip after their evaluation, I was surprised by how all the toys they suggested for a 2 week old :) I never realized how much activity a newborn can participate in, too busy sanitizing things :) It must be a mom thing...going without sleep. I can go a good week with limited sleep and still function. Matt on the other hand, if he was one all nighter...everyone will know it...crabby!

It's so nice Colby got to go for a little cruise outside. As strange as it is to be so warm in January, it's still enjoyable. Have a great weekend.

Scott said...


I laughed at your comment about you being too busy sanitizing things. LOL So very true. My hands are like sand paper from constantly foaming them. I specialize in working with public school teachers and thus spend a lot of time in the germ factories...Umm, I mean schools. So I always go through a quick decontamination when I get home before I interact with Colby.

Thanks again for the pictures. I'll post them tomorrow.


Mommakitten said...

Our little Nate does an Elvis impression also. Too precious!