Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another quick update

I realized that I hadn't said much about Hamilton's leg and I've gotten a couple e-mails about it. He's doing fine. No limping or favoring the leg at all. So I think he must have just twisted his leg or something.
It was great to have an uninterupted night of sleep with my lovebug. I tossed and turned a bit. Colby's head growth is on my mind. I know he's getting surgery on Monday, but I just don't want any pressure prior to the surgury to do any damage. I don't know enough about the brain and all to understand if that's a real concern or not. I just wanted things to go as "normal" as they have been until Monday. But life rarely goes as planned.
I'll post some more pics later today.
Thank all of you for your continued interest in our story. It honestly makes a difference!


ZParents said...

Hi Scott -- I posted our story at

You can also email me at if you have any questions before your son goes in for his ETV. I know we had plenty up until she was out of our hands.
Best, Meredith

Anonymous said...

I can only say what the Anatomy and Physiology people tell me...the brain develops from the deepest portions outward, and the frontal lobe isn't fully developed until your 26. So hopefully little Colby will have no long term effects from the pressure. He may even become a better baby, if that's possible :) Good luck, many prayers, your family is in my thoughts.

The Johnson Family 5 said...

Good luck tomorrow! We will keep Colby in our prayers during his surgery and afterwards for his recovery! Let us know how it all goes!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! We are still praying in Delta!

Cathy K said...

Hi Scott - You and Tracey will be in my thougths and prayers tomorrow. As another of those people that uses humor to get through, here is my version of an Irish Prayer.
When the day comes that Colby is running around raising a ruckus and you have pulled out all your hair trying to get him to stop, may you look back at these days when you were praying for just that and laugh till you cry then just let him raise all the ruckus he wants.