Thursday, January 3, 2008

Looking like a long night.....

(ahhh yes, formula always tastes better if it's stored in a Dave Matthews jug in the fridge. And thanks for the Dr Browns bottle recommendation Gayle, it seems to be working well!)
(Haha..he swims in his crib. He'll grow into it over time. He'll sleep in the co-sleeper until he gets a bit bigger)

Not too much to report today. Tracey stayed home with him this morning while I ran some errands and went into the office for a bit. Then we switched while she went shopping.

Colby is doing well. The visiting nurse saw him this morning and he's up to 6lbs and 12 ounces. He's a growing boy.

Tracey is working tomorrow though that means I have Colby-care tonight through Sunday. You see....all through the years I've been they type that needs my sleep. Tracey on the other hand can pull close to an all nighter and still get up and go to work in the morning. By Sunday I imagine I'll be a real peach to be around. haha I'm doing my best to'll just take time. I used to love naps on the couch in the afternoon. But when I want to South America, they didn't really do that. And my room didn't have heat and I had a host brother who would keep me up. So I pretty much lost my love for napping and haven't really been able to regain it back. Maybe this whole baby thing will help me start napping again.

Ow, I started taking some video today. Nothing all that exciting, but you'll at least get to see our boy move around a bit and hear him. Hopefully in the next day or so I'll post it.
Well......I started this blog a good hour or so ago. Colby woke up and I thought he was just hungry, but nothing seemed to sooth him. Just loud crying with flying feet and arms. I tried changing him, took his temp and all was normal, swaddled him, walked around with him...nothing. Then just as quickly as it all started....he calmed down, took his bottle and now he's out cold. 2 hours 59 minutes....58 minutes....57 minutes....Can you hear that? That's the countdown until he wakes up again! I'd better sign off and try to get some rest.
LOL...he's now crying again...seriously. gotta go.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so proud and how wonderful of a new-born-father you're being!

And of course it's better if it's stored in a Dave Matthew's bottle!