Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rootin' Tootin'

(And more of Colby's Fan Club! Here we see Holden and Norah looking as intellectual as every as they play a game of chess! Knowing Holden a bit, I think he really takes it seriously even at his young age. Norah is happy no matter what she's up to as long as she's getting her picture taken! You guys are lookin' good!)(Colby getting some belly time)

(Colby is very expressive and when he's unhappy, his face shows it!)

(ahhh, must have just been some gas)
(Chubby lil' boy!)

Colby is doing very well today. He had a cranky spell during the night last night, but apart from that, he's doing great. I think his belly continues to be the problem. He'll get red in the face and start pushing. Nothing will happen. Next thing you know he's crying. Then, his eyes will get big and "toooooot!"....all better. I'll tell ya, he farts more than anyone I've every know. Poor guy. It's a different perspective because Tracey and I are the type not to fart in front of people. I have friends who think it's funny and they'll rip one and start laughing. I don't know why but I think it's nasty...I comes from your butt!!! Anyway.... But with Colby it's just something natural and it's funny it's funny to watch the faces he makes.

Hmmm, what a subject to write about!!

I am finding it harder to find a topic to write about now that we're home. While we were in the NICU, every day had something new. Now that we're's the same ol' thing most days. Just feeding him, changing him, trying to get some sleep. I guess developmentally there's stuff going on. But I just don't want this blog to become "Today I got up...we had coffee...we fed Colby...he slept....he pooped....then we went to bed." LOL So like Mike Rowe says at the end of every Dirty Jobs show...send me your ideas!! LOL Seriously...if there are any things you all want to hear about, shoot me an e-mail.

So...developementally...Colby seems to be doing well. It's hard with him being my first as I don't have much to compare him to. But the doctors and nurses that have seen him say he's pretty much on track. He's a little over one month old developmentally now. And what do one month old's do...not much... eat, sleep and poop. He is bringing his hands together in front of him and just figuring out he's got fingers I guess. He is starting to grab on to things. When I put him up near my shoulder either to walk around a bit or to burp him. He'll turn his head to try to look up at me and I'll feel his little hands grabbing my shirt, my neck, my ear sometimes. Pretty much anything he can reach. The Birth to Three said we should put him on his belly and try to get him to lift his head. It's kind of funny because he doesn't know what to do. His legs lift up, his arms go all over and sometimes if he gets mad enough, he'll lift his head. But I guess he just needs to figure out how to move his body and all.

Baby's R U called to let us know his dresser is in. Tracey is out with Evan tonight and she's going to see if she can pick it up. Then his room will be complete. It's kind of funny because you are all excited to get the babies room together...get it ready before he/she comes home. Then it turns out they don't even stay in there in the beginning!!! haha Ow lessons.


lorna said...

I'd like pictures of snow. And more pictures of Colby and family members. Coffee recommendations, wine recommendations. Maybe Tracey could co-blog for a week :)

Tyler stayed on his belly at a 30-40 degree incline at all times (helped his reflux), he never minded tummy time. Addison hated it. She would tolerate it if we got down on the floor with her and made ugly faces or sang something crazy.

Rick, Laura and Samson said...

Any pictures of Colby and you guys are great. We are so NOT bored with the day to day blog. And any new thing Colby does is more than exciting to read about. Don't ever think it's the same ole thing to the Colby Fan Club!

Laura Swenness

Rick, Laura and Samson said...

Oops, sorry about the 'aunt laura'. I use this google name for my great nieces in Waterbury as well!

Anonymous said...

Scott, we'd love to see the "normal" baby of the nursery, of outings you take as a family, descriptions of how you celebrate holidays and birthdays and what you want to start as traditions, etc. You spoke of this new mat you bought him, well let's see it!! I'm not kidding when I tell you that this blog is addicting!!

Remember the movie ED TV? I think that is what it was called...We can't get enough of the mondane!!

Oh, I also wanted to tell you that my girls and I watched a great kids movie called "Winn Dixie" and it starred Dave Matthews!! I suggest you add it to your DVD collection if you don't own it already.

Anonymous said...

I love the day to day blogs. Each day is precious, especially after all it's taken to get him home. As for the tummy time, try putting a mirror in front of him. You or tracy can stand behind him and play peak a boo in the mirror. Babies love faces. I love Lorna's idea about having Tracey contribute. I'd also like to hear about Colby's first outings, his getting to know Hamilton and meeting some of his friends.

Anonymous said...

Maleia liked tummy time at first, but as she gained weight and it got harder for her to lift her head she hated it. Any toy that flashes and plays music, or rattles, or has bells in it are all really good toys for tummy time. Anything fun to look at or listen to.

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia

Anonymous said...

Colby is getting so big!!! Every new picture he is just getting cuter!!! I love all the picture's of Colby's friends...they are so CUTE!!!
Love, Mary and Hannah