Thursday, January 10, 2008

Morning Coffee

(picture taken while Tracey and I went to Stockbridge. I've posted it before, but I like the picture.)

There are few things in life I look forward to like my morning coffee! So here I am, reclined on the couch, Colby laying half asleep on my chest, coffee on the end table, computer on my lap.....what a good start to the day! The only thing missing is Tracey. She came in around 6 this morning saying she's burnt and needs some sleep before I start my day.

That's all I had to say....just enjoying the start of the day.


Liz and Chris said...

I know everyone has an opinion regarding certain things and most especially babies-of course everyone thinks their way is best but here goes Chris's and my experience.

Caitlin is now 7 weeks old and we are pretty much into a groove. It wasn't that way at first though. If you recall, the first two weeks she was having projectile vomit,non-stop crying, and her own issues with poop, or lack thereof.

Regarding the formula, it took us 4 formulas before we found one that worked. Of course you would think that a soy formula with the same ingredients would be the same between brands but SOOOO not the case. After trial and error, and no sleep, the gas dissapated and so did the crying...almost.

One suggestion with Colby's poop is something that I was told and it works for Caitlin. She was only having a BM every few days and even though wasn't distressed, I'm sure she wasn't comfortable. If Colby is due, substitute one once of formula for water at a feeding. Basically, instead of 4 oz of formula, make 3oz and add an ounce of water. Works wonders!

With sleep, I was on leave for 6 weeks so I got up every night while Chris slept and I napped during the day. Weekends we split with him sleeping in a day, and then me.

After a few weeks we began putting her to bed when she woke for her feeding so we could get 6-hours of "half sleep" or really very lightly sleeping because she would be with us and stirring. We also would add a half ounce to her feedings and push the next one out a half hour. Evetully, we increased it so that now she has 5.5oz every 4 hours and sleeps 8 hours a night. But of course I stuck to a strict schedule of waking her at 1030am and keeping her awake till after her 230feeding then woke her again at 630 and kept her awake until her 1030pm feeding. then she sleeps the night.

Give it time and you and he will fall into a routine..just make sure you allow time for yourselves, both together and apart and it actually makes everything that much easier to deal with!

Anonymous said...

I too look forward to my morning coffee. It really is a great part of the day. Sometimes if my morning doesn't go as well as I'd like it to go, (when the kids go down for a nap) I start with another fresh pot and "redo" the day.

Amanda said...


(Completely unrelated to your post)

I wanted to send you a blog that is a male perspective. His daughter was born 3 days ago via C-section at somewhere around 26 weeks. I thought you might have some words of wisdom for him as he begins his NICU journey.

Again, congratulations!!