Tuesday, January 1, 2008

And the pics....

When Tracey was first admitted to the hospital, friends from the office sent a care basket they filled with all kinds of things both to keep Tracey busy while she was on bedrest as well as some things for Colby and Avery. We talked when we were in the hospital about one day putting the twins in the basket. Although plans have obviously needed to change, I finally got a shot of Colby in it. When he's not as cranky, I'm going to get one with him just in his diaper....but tonight wasn't the night!
I'll need to get some video soon because he's a very vocal boy.
Colby getting ready for his career modelling Jockey under garments. haha

Colby's in an in between stage with clothes. Many preemie clothes are getting too small, but newborn clothes are too big. So his feet get lost and we need to roll up his sleeves a bit.
Hey Jackson...does this hat look familiar? Thanks Ben & Melissa.
You may see pictures of Colby with his hats on a lot. It's just because until he has a little more body weight, it's hard for him to hold his body temp. Our house is an older cape and it has it's drafts. So hats are a must until the warmer weather comes.
A glass of wine, playin the guitar and hangin with my boy....life is good!
Jamie, Jordan and Maleia gave us a bear that is the exact weight and length of Colby when he was born. Although it's a little difficult to see the bear in B/W, you can get a feel for how big Colby was then and now. Thank you Jamie, Jordan & Maleia!!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the pictures. Colby is getting big. it must be nice to have colby at home now with the whole family. well happy new year !!!!

Cynthia said...

wow colby looks great! Glad to read that you all are settling in and finding your rhythm. I think one day around 6 weeks we woke up and realized we didn't think about baby stiff anymore - we just did it. I guess that's when you cpuld say we "adapted" I hope Hamilton and Colby are able to bond soon. Watching our fur baby accept our children as part of her "pack" was something that was surprisingly fun!

Anonymous said...

You are so welcome!!! We love the pictures!!! :D He has grown so much!!!

So glad to hear that things are going so well... can't wait to hear what happens at the DR. appointment.

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia