Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Mornings

( Pictures taken last night )
Sunday mornings are probably my favorite time of the week. Tracey and I get up slowly, enjoy coffee together and watch the Sunday Morning News. we're rested from Saturday. We're looking forward to a relatively slow Sunday and think of what my upcoming week may bring.

I now wonder how things will change once Colby comes home. Will our Sunday mornings be a thing of the past? I think they'll change, but we'll still enjoy them just the same. I guess in the beginning it will be much like anyone with a newborn. Dirty diapers and feedings will fill our days. He will most likely have some residual support that will follow him home from the NICU. I'm not exactly sure what that may be but I've read about other preemies who come home with certain monitors.

Then, as the years pass, much will depend on his development. As many children hit milestones and gain independences, Colby may or may not achieve some of these. It all depends on what the brain bleed has done. I used to wonder how early Colby and Avery would walk or talk. Funny how things change so quickly. I now wonder IF Colby will walk or talk. My last posting about having definitive answers....this is exactly what I mean. Nobody can tell us for sure what will come. At time that bothers me. Then I feel better inside because I know with 100% certainty that no matter what happens, we will be fine. I believe that if Colby does end up with some limitations, but deep down inside I feel very strongly that he'll be OK. I know that he will have the best opportunities to do as much as his body allows. Not only from medicine and therapy have to offer, but because of how Tracey and I intend to raise, support and empower him. I firmly believe that although at times you cannot change the environment or situation you find yourself in, you can always choose how you react and that alone enables you to control certain aspects of your life, even with others are out of your hands.
Hopefully by year's end I will be sitting on the couch one Sunday morning, enjoying coffee with Tracey, watching the Sunday news and feeling rested while looking ahead to the week to come. There will be something different through. Next to me will be Tracey holding Colby, giving him his morning bottle while. I'll be smiling ear to ear while I update this blog about how wonderful it is to have our boy home!


Anonymous said...

I work with children with developmental delays and disabilities. Yes there are many things we have to offer to help them. But what I've noticed makes the greatest difference is when there are parents who are will to raise these children to empower themselves while accepting them as they are, not trying to change them. You and Tracey have amazing perspective and remind me of the parents I have worked with that make the biggest difference in their childrens lives.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Sundays will be the same...just better :) Maybe not as well rested (and by the time you get to your cup, the coffee maybe lukewarm), but super none the less. I've done some reading on the plasticity of the infant brain. Sometimes an area can be damaged, but another area will do the work instead (that doesn't happen with adults)...pretty amazing stuff. I love the new pictures, Colby really is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I know it is hard to not know what lies ahead regarding colby's limitations, but in someways that's great because it allows you to simply fall in love with your he is right now. The lables and diagnoses (sp)will come, why rush it...right now you have a perfect little baby. And your Sundays will likly only involve the news for another year or so and the it will involve what ever child show Colby wants to watch. Unless of course you get up an hour befor the little guy, but that is not likly if you are going to feel rested as well. :)
He looks great!