Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Evening

( Picture of Colby from a week or so ago)I took a day off from the hospital today. There was only one other day when I didn't got and that was because I was sick. I just needed a break today. But now I miss him dearly. It's about a 35 minute drive to the hospital, so it's not like it's down the road. Tracey went and spent some good time with Colby. She said he's looking good today. The doctors will do another ultrasound tomorrow to see what's happening. They usually take a while to get the results back so hopefully be tomorrow night we'll have a better feel for what's going on with his hydrocephalus.

I found some groups and websites online regarding hydrocephalus. It's a survivable condition, just creates some problems. Obviously I wish he didn't have any issues, but if he does, we'll just deal it. As long as his Brain Bleed doesn't progress, he should be ok.

Tracey and I went and got the paperwork going for a minivan yesterday. She should be in her new wheels by the end of this week.

I've got a busy week in the office this week. That's a mixed blessing. It's good for our finances. It keeps my mind occupied. But it makes for a long day.

Anyway, sorry for venting earlier today. We have our ups and downs but after I vent I take a look at all that we have going for us and there's plenty to be thankful for.

I'll update tomorrow evening on what we find about Colby.

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Anonymous said...

You have every right to every emotion you are feeling. Don't be sorry or feel guilty for venting. It is so much better for the both of you to be open and honest about the emotions you are dealing with internally. I admire your strength and ability to focus on the positive!

You are all continuously in my thoughts!