Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just one month ago

Not too much to report on our little Colby tonight. He's doing well, no real changes. His head was bigger again this morning. I remember when we first entered the NICU that someone gave good advise. "Don't micromanage the details in the NICU." I can see the value in that statement now. We will drive ourselves crazy watching every little detail and things will vary from day to day. Good advise, but hard to adhere to given our situation.

It's amazing to think that just one month ago, we were living in the hospital and still very pregnant. The picture above was taken at exactly 25 weeks gestation, five days before Colby and Avery were born. For those of you who don't know the beginning of this story, twin A (which was Avery) had a ruptured membrane at 22 weeks 5 days gestation. That put Tracey into the hospital on many different drugs trying to keep her contractions at bay. The nurses would come in every 3 to 4 hours, day AND night to check the twins heart rates, their movement, etc. Not a good schedule if you want to get some good rest. Some of the medications she was put on were absolutely horrible. If you've ever heard someone tell stories of being put on magnesium to keep contractions away, you know how terrible the experience is. Her belly was already quite big at this point. I can't image how large she would have gotten if she went full term!

Tracey and I are officially minivan owners. We went to sign all the papers tonight and they'll deliver it tomorrow. It has a little mirror that drops down from the ceiling to give the driver a view of the back seats. Tracey and I had some fun when we were test driving it. I popped the mirror down and talked as if Colby was back there "Colby, pick up those french fries off the floor! Ooops, he just puked on the seat!" Ahhh, yes. Looking forward to good times.


Anonymous said...

My prayers go to you and yours Scott. The french fries on the seat, yes, that will come. May Colby be blessed with the kind of friends my daughter has.

Anonymous said...

"Daddy are we there yet? Mommy we at Maine yet? I don't feel so ...(splat)." Good times :)

Anonymous said...

Happy one month,my precious little fighter. G-Ma

Anonymous said...

They never pick up the french fries, or cherios, crackers. Unless, of coures, they are crawling around in the car and they see them on the floor. Then they become a snack no matter how old the food could be. Oh it's fun!