Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quick update

I got to hold Colby AGAIN last night !!!! Good, good stuff I tell you. The doctor sat with us for a bit and gave us the latest on his head, his belly, etc. He reiterated that we will still have a long road ahead of us. His head will probably go back and forth and growth alone is important. So to see his head get larger isn't necessarily a bad thing. They aim to have him off his colostomy bag around the time he comes home, which we hope to be around the end of the year. I asked about his eyes. One concern with preemies is the development of their eyes. He said that they will check his eyes in the months to come to see if his retina has formed properly. If there are issues, they can do laser surgery to allow him to at least have central vision. His peripheral vision could be impaired. All in all, a good outlook for now. Things like cerebral palsy wouldn't be diagnosed until later in his development, probably in the first couple years of life.

I think Tracey and I had been harboring a lot of stress and the last couple days have allowed us to relax a bit. Both of us have feel so tired and exhausted. So last night she fell asleep on the couch around 7:30 and we both went to bed around 8. Slept like babies and feel much better this morning.

I'm off to a full day today. Some of you have sent e-mails asking what I do. I'm a financial advisor. This has been wonderful during our journey because it has allowed me to make my own schedule and be with Tracey or the twins when they needed me most. Tonight Tracey and I head up to Mass to sign the paperwork on the minivan and then if we have enough energy left, we'll swing by the hospital.

As always, thank you all for your continued support, e-mails and comments. I'm amazed at how far reaching this blog has become. People must have shared it with others as I get e-mails from people all over the US! It makes me feel good that their story is read by so many.


Anonymous said...

Scott, Tracey and Colby,
I'm glad to her that everyone is doing great :) Isn't it amazing what a week can do? Is that CPAP I'm seeing, off the vent again :) Have a fantastic day. I'm envious of your new minivan!

Dianne said...

Scott & Tracey...I am so glad to see that Colby is doing better. He is one strong, adorable little guy!! My thoughts and prayers are with him to keep getting better everyday!! Thank you both for sharing your journey with all of're babies have made an impact on more people than you know!! You both are amazing!!