Friday, November 2, 2007

Words just don't do it

Colby continues to do well. He's still not with it yet as the doctors have him all drugged up. However they anticipate getting him off of his medications by the end of this weekend. He was kept sedated to help keep him mellow and not move around a lot until his belly healed a little. The pictures above are from Wednesday, the day after his surgery. You can see he had IV's in both arms and his incubator was a bit different. We loved being able to have him in the open air and be able to freely touch and talk to him. I wasn't able to see him yesterday, but Tracey did. She said that he was doing OK, but very swollen. His entire body was swollen. The doctors reassured her and said that's "normal". I'll head over there today and spend some time with him.

Last night was a very special evening. People from my office along with friends and family organized a benefit dinner for us. I simply can't express how Tracey and I feel.

Tracey and I were talking on the ride home and we realized there was a special and unexpected side effect as a result of the dinner. My side of the family, Tracey's family, so many friends, some new friends and other's I haven't seen in years were all together in the same room. That alone puts a smile on our faces and give us strength to carry on through the tougher times. So simply by all of you coming together, you gave Tracey and I yet another special experience.

From the day Tracey and I entered the hospital, the support people have shown has been so moving. "Thank you" doesn't begin to express our gratitude for everything all of you have done. It's such a good feeling to know that there are so many good people who care. I want everyone to know as you carry on your days that you have made a difference. You have positively effected my family and impacted on our lives. This is something very special and words simply can't do justice and properly express what Tracey and I feel. It's a feeling that you just can't understand unless your in our shoes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It will be a wonderful day when I can tell Colby about the extended family that supported him while he was just a little, little boy.


Amanda said...

I am so glad that he's doing well. <3

Anonymous said...

Maleia has that same scar, and it healed very well and looks great today!!! Also that is what she looked like when we saw her for the first time, the same bed and everything, but she had a CVL (Central IV, that went into her heart) instead of the IVs in her arms.

Colby looks great, and we are so glad that he is doing well!!! :)

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia