Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One of these pictures is not like the other.....not like the other....

Did you figure it out? Need a hint? It's the last picture. So what's different?

Colby got his feeding tube out. Well....he decided he was a big boy now and took it out himself. The nurse said she went over to check on him and there was the tube, in a wound up mess lying next to him. They said that they may need to put it back in. But he's been waking up just about every 3 hours hungry as can be. So if that keeps up, he'll be fine.

He looked great last night. The nurses have been unloading all kinds of information on us from the first day we went into Special Care. They pretty much tell us every thing they're doing, what they're looking for, what the "normal" level, amount, size, frequency, etc is for everything. We have a chart that we need to start using. We also have a list of things that we need to become comfortable and proficient with. They are just trying to teach us the ins and outs of how to take care of a baby who, for right now, has some specific things we need to do or watch for. I think that if we were only in the NICU for a couple weeks and then went to Special Care, we would be more receptive to all this information. But for right now, Tracey and I just feel overwhelmed. Our reserves are low. But continue to look at the bright side of things. Colby's doing well. We're having to learn all of this because he's on his way to coming home.

And things are falling into place. Colby is getting bigger and stronger. Our room at home is just about finished. Next we tackle Colby's room. We're registered for the shower and have that all planned out. Tracey is back working again which is so helpful. And looking at the big picture, everything is good. So we can't really complain about much.....we're just tired and that's to be expected.

Colby's belly thing seems to be quieting down. He wasn't as fussy the last couple days and isn't as gassy.

The eye doctor came in to see Colby yesterday and was pleased to see that for a while now, his eyes haven't gotten any worse. I don't think they've gotten better, but they haven't gotten worse and that's a wonderful thing!

Today they are going to do another test to see how he does off the cannula. I'm looking forward to hearing the results from that.

My day today is flip flopped. I have an appointment with a couple in the evening, so I'm going into the office, then to the hospital, then to the evening appointment. It's nice to be able to mix up my days like that though.

Tracey and I are now at the stage were we can envision Colby coming home. We could before too, but it was vague. Not too sure exactly when. Not too sure what condition he'd be in. At least for now it seems entirely feasible that Colby might come home maybe for Christmas. And aside from his lungs and eyes, we aren't seeing any stand-out signs that he has other issues going on from his brain bleed or hydrocephalus. I guess those usually present themselves down the road so we'll take them one hurdle at a time if they show up.

I know I've said this over and over, but it seems that no matter how much I say it, it just doesn't do it. Tracey and I continue to be touched by the support, the interest and the caring that we've seem from friends, family and total strangers! Tracey and I have done everything in our power to keep positive, to be good people and to help others through the years. I do believe as I mentioned in other postings that you attract what you emulate and that if you keep your head up, things always get better. This entire experience for me just reinforces that belief. I want everyone to know that your e-mails, phone calls, the baby gifts, the meals, the support and assistance you have provide to us has made SUCH A DIFFERENCE. Anyone who's gone through a tough spell knows what it means to have that support and we simply can't tell you enough that you've all made a difference with a family. Thank you.


Cynthia said...

Good luck with the feeding tube out! Our boys removed their own as well. I guess that's how they say they've had enough? :-)

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!!! He is getting to be a big little boy. Maleia never did pull out her feeding tube, but she most definitely liked it much better when it was gone!!!

He is just saying he is a big boy and is ready to go home!!!

Keep up the great work Colby, and you too Mom and Dad!!!

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia

Liz and Chris said...

All this good news is so awesome! I know thre is still a long road ahead but look how far you've traveled to get to this point! I can't wait 'till the Colster comes home myself!