Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Daddy's sick?

Maybe? I'm feeling like I may be getting sick this morning. Just an aching throat and a little bit of a runny nose. So given this, I may need to stay away from the NICU today. I just don't want to take any kind of a chance that I could pass something on to Colby or any of the other babies there.

Colby is now 12 weeks and one day old. Gestationally I think he's right around 37 weeks. Can you believe that if he would have gone full term, he would still be cookin' inside of Tracey for another 2 weeks! Most twins do come a little early, so if Colby and Avery would have gone close to full term, I suspect that we would probably be delivering sometime soon.
Colby was up to over 25cc's of milk and taking all of it by bottle when Tracey fed him yesterday. I was there for a while but it never coincided with his feeding times. It continues to be more of the same....he added in a couple ounces, they went up on his feedings a little and things are looking good.

It's starting to set in now that I'll have a newborn home at some point. I'm sure you understand that in the beginning and especially right after Avery passed away, we wondered if the day would come when Colby would come home. Then ever since, it's just been an odd experience having Colby in the NICU for so long. I was thinking about it yesterday......yes, I have a son, but if you walk into my house, you wouldn't know it. I mean there's no toys around, no diaper bags, no highchair in the kitchen.....nothing. And if you looked around at the room, there's not even a baby's room yet. Thus far it's like we've just visited our son as if he's living in someone else's house. I think only parents who had children in the NICU for extended periods can really relate.

I've mentioned in the past that there's another couple in our room who had a 24 weeker born just about a month after Colby. These parents are having a tough time. I think they're hitting the 2 month mark about now and that's when Tracey and I felt everything was just way out of balance. All I can do for them is simply let them know that we were in a similar situation and that things DO get better. Maybe not at once, maybe not quickly, but they do get better.

It's been very nice to be able to hold Colby more lately. Now it's just the tangle of wires that are attached to him that makes things uncomfortable. One by one his wires and tubes will go away.

So that's the scoop for today. Depending on how my day goes, I may or may not end up seeing him. When I'm run down sometimes I just feel crap in the mornings until my body wakes up. So maybe today is just another one of those days.


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome that Colby is taking 25cc's of milk from the bottle!!! YAY COLBY!!! It seems he is doing great, and will be home in no time at all!!!

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia

Anonymous said...

I can't over how much Colby has grown! Just look at that little foot. Also my answer wasn't on the poll. I think that you'll capture every moment on film as you prop up Colby to play Dave Mathews.