Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'd like to place an order.....

(Soundly asleep)
(Waking up slowly)
(Ow so tired)
( A little smile )
(The famous Dr Casey!)

....for some milk please !!
Colby was doing awesome last night !!! He was very alert and happy. His weight is hovering just below 4 pounds ! They took the tube that suctioned extra fluid from his stomach out. His head circumference was actually down a tad. And if he doesn't poop on his own, the doctors may help him a little. If all goes well with's feeding time !!! It will be very small amounts to begin, but it's a start none the less.

We didn't hold him last night as we wanted him to stay comfortable in his incubator. When I see him tonight, I will hold him for a bit and also give him a much needed bath.

Dr Casey posed for a picture with Colby as well. What a great person and doctor this gentleman is. It must be an amazing feeling knowing that you have a direct impact on the lives of so many little ones.

Colby's got friends on the way now. Two of our friends, Heather and Tina, both had their babies in the last couple days. Another friend Liz is due in a couple days. So as Colby gets bigger and is able to socialize, he'll have some great playmates! Congratulations Heather and Tina!!!


Liz and Chris said...

Such awesome news! Let's keep it coming COlby!

Yes, Colby is going to have a ton of friends!

Cynthia said...

The pictures are amazing - he is looking great!