Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Work it. Work it.....

(Peacefully sleeping. )
( I love this BW of him )
("What ma? Lil' ol' me?" )
(Ma, Dad and Colby )
( Almost looks like he's smiling. )
( Ma spending time with her little boy.)(Colby is like an entertainment center every time we take him out of his incubator. He has a bunch of wires coming out the back of his blanket. )
( Being a superstar at 7 weeks old is a very tiring job.)
Sorry for not posting for a couple days. I've felt more tired in the past couple days than I have ever since we started this journey. I think it's all just catching up to me a bit and my body is finally telling me enough is enough. So I've been hanging low and getting a lot of much needed sleep. I didn't even go to the hospital tonight. Tracey and Evan went, but I just need a break and some time to recharge a bit.
Here's a good couple pictured today. They were all taken last Friday evening. I swear that it looks like he's working the camera sometimes. The thing you see wrapped to his head is simply a Velcro thing that holds his cannula or CPAP in place. I think it looks kinda funny and I'm sure one day Colby will be very pleased with me for posting so many pictures of him with this funny thing on his head.
For the last couple days, Colby's been loosing weight. Not much, but when you weight 2 pounds and 11 ounces, you just don't have that much to loose in the first place. The doctors tonight said that it could be because his intestines are cut relatively high up, that his body isn't able to absorb enough milk to get what his body needs. So they're starting him back on the supplemental IV's. The plan now is to wait until he's off the steroids for his lungs, then Colby will have surgery again to reconnect his intestines and put them back into his belly.
Apart from that, Colby's been pretty alert. He is anemic but the doctors are holding off on giving him another blood transfusion because his bone marrow should be close to starting to produce his own red blood cells. They said that the more you give transfusions, the more it tricks the body to not produce them itself. They continued to say though that if it drops to a certain level or if he starts showing signs of distress, they won't hesitate to give him one.
Because his last ultrasound didn't show any changes, they are now spacing out his ultrasounds a bit more. I'm not sure when his next one will be. If his head grows quickly or he shows clinical signs of problems, they'll do more frequent ultrasounds.
The big news.......Colby is now the senior preemie in our room. There used to be a baby girl next to him who had been there for about 6 months. She just transferred out the other day. So now Colby is the big man on the block. It's very interesting to see all the different kinds of parents that cycle through there. I can imagine that we'll be in that room for a good couple weeks before we are allowed to move to the special care room. In Special Care, they will teach us how to care for him once he comes home. We'll learn about his medications and any support (i.e. oxygen or apnea monitors) that he may come home on.
Colby is 7 weeks and one day old now. If he were still inside Tracey, he would be just shy of 33 weeks.


Amanda said...

I love all the beautiful pics you share! He is so beautiful!

I'm glad to hear that things are still going pretty well. The cut-down on the ultrasounds is wonderul!

Grow baby grow! :-)

Liz and Chris said...

I have to say, the B&W photo is my fav as well!

Anonymous said...

You take beautiful pictures!!! I do love the black and white!!! Keep up the great Colby!!! You will be home soon little man.

Our little girl is 6 months old today!!! :)

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia Fabel
Keller, TX

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. I do love the black and white of just him but I also love the pics of him in Tracey's arms. Quinticential mother picture! I also love the way he puts his little hand up to chin like he's thinking.