Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thank you!

I’ve talked about Tracey and I going through infertility, about our emotions and about the loss of our daughter. But in some ways, this is the most challenging posting to write. I’ve gone through many versions of how best to say this without it sounding wrong. So here it is…..

A coworker of mine, Patrick, approached me stating that the people in the office wanted to do something for Tracey and I. As the conversation progressed, I heard how they wanted to do a pasta dinner as a fund raiser to help Tracey and I with the financial side affects of situation. I was at a loss of words. I’ve never been good at accepting help and this was a very large gesture. They’ve done all the planning and have things underway.

They have asked that I post something on here to help spread the word and to allow people who want to do something an avenue to do so. So for anyone who’s interested, please feel free to contact Patrick at 860-368-3304, by e-mail at or visit the following link:

Tracey and I want to publicly thank Patrick, Chris and the entire office for efforts, your kindness and your generosity. We are so deeply touched by your caring and willingness to help. Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

I love this picture!!! It is so cute, and brings tears to my eyes. I have been wanting to do something for your family as well.

There is a company that makes little bears, in pink and blue, and customizes them to your babies weight and lenght at birth. It also comes with a embordered blanket.

I was wanting to get one for Colby and Avery, if this is something you are interested in please let me know!!! My e-mail is

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia Fabel
Keller, TX