Saturday, October 13, 2007


Here's our little star. Pictures are wonderful, but it's so great to see him moving and be able to hear him a bit. For those of you who have had children in the NICU, the beeping and alarms in the background may bring back some memories.

Colby has been doing well. He continues to get a little more time off the CPAP and on the cannula each day. His weight dipped the other day, but it seems that he's gaining weight again. The only thing that concerned us tonight was that his heart rate kept skyrocketing to around 200, his respiratory rate was going up and is oxygen levels were dipping. The nurses assured us that all was OK, but we were still concerned. It's a helpless feeling when you feel something wrong but you simply don't know what to do. The most you can do is ask the doctors and take their word. We asked a couple different nurses and got the same answers which made us feel better.

They continue to increase his feedings. He's at 8.3 cc's per hour. He still has a broviac line ( a thick IV in his leg ) and each time we talk to the nurses, they say that the doctors want to get that out as it's a site for an infection to start. But it's surgery to put it in and take it out. When he has his intestines put back together and put back in him, he will most likely need another broviac like, so they're debating wether to take it out and put anohter in or to just keep that one in.

His movement with his arms isn't smooth at times as his nervous system is still developing. But that should smooth out over time.

I love seeing him move around and watching his little blueberry eyes look about. I hope this gives you a better idea of how Colby is doing and what life is like in the NICU.


Anonymous said...

He is so active!!! And already talking... I heard him say hi!!! :) Colby is looking great!!!

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia Fabel
Keller, TX

Anonymous said...

Colby is awsome. I lived watching those big blue eyes of his track back and forth, looking at Tracy and then you. I also loved how he was moving his fingers to his mouth. He has but one tongue to taste the whole world.

Liz and Chris said...

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the video! I had to watch it twice. The Colbster just loves his binky huh? LOL! I can't wait 'till he comes home!!!

Unknown said...

He looks so good, I am so glad he is doing well. The video was amazing I hope he contuinues to do well.

Anonymous said...

So much strength for such a little guy. He is amazing... :)

-- Rachel