Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I don't like rollercoasters!

(Hamilton saying "Aw we deew yet?"...I give Hamilton a not so intelligent voice)
(Dad taking in the colors across the lake)
(Dad and a very wet Hamilton down near the shore)

(Dad and Hamilton relaxing)

My time in Maine was wonderful. Beautiful weather. Spent time with my dad and Hamilton. And most of all....I relaxed and slept. Each night I was in bed around 8 or 8:30. I was feeling so refreshed and revived.

Colby has been doing well now for over a week. His head hadn't grown. They were planning on doing surgery to put his belly back together. But then on the way home, Tracey called me. Normal head growth is in centimeter a week. Yesterday, Colby's head grew a full centimeter in one day. It's amazing how this roller coaster of emotions affects us. We were both feeling really well. Then to hear this news just crushed us. Within minutes of hearing it, I felt tired again.
And that's not all. He had an eye exam a couple weeks back to check for ROP (see this link for some information about it http://www.nei.nih.gov/health/rop/index.asp ) and at that time, all looked well. He had another exam yesterday and now shows early signs of it.

Ugghhhhh. We want things to smooth out so that we can start to count on good outcomes. After over a week of relatively no change, we were starting to feel we were coming out of the woods. But that's just not the case when you have a 25 weeker.

I found it interesting to see how after feeling so much better, it just took this news to set me back. It goes to show that yes I'm holding a busy schedule, but probably more than that, it's the NICU roller coaster that's draining me.

Colby will have another eye exam in a couple weeks. That will give an indication of whether his eyes are better, the same or worse yet. Tracey and I are going to talk to the doctors and ask they why they aren't putting a shunt in. We understand there may be complications, but having this much pressure on his brain for this long can't be good. We feel that we want some more solid answers.

On a lighter note, I'm throwing some pics from this weekend up. You see Hamilton who just LOVES it up there. And my dad...who just LOVES it up there too.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you had a good mini vacation!!!

We will pray for Colby that everything gets better and that his next eye exam will come back with nothing wrong!!!

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia

Liz and Chris said...

C'mon Colby! You've overcome so much in the last few weeks...keep it going!!!