Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Morning

(Colby taking a nap while I hold him) (Even preemie clothes are too big for our little Colby right now. This shirt goes up to his hears and down below his belly. He's hot his knees bent up near his bellly in this picture which makes the shirt look even larger on him.) (Colby all stretched out before he gets changed)
(Another of Colby before he gets changed.)

(And here's our little boy all snug and ready for the night. You can see we roll up his sleeves to make them fit.)

Colby has had a good couple days. Nothing too new to report. He's gained a couple more ounces which puts him just above 3 pounds now. We've got a lot going on today. Dr Casey has ordered another ultrasound of his head. We usually don't get those results back until the next day though. Colby's also having another procedure done on his belly to prep him for tomorrow. And lastly, he should have another eye check to see what's going on with his ROP. I've got an office meeting in the morning, then an appointment in the early afternoon so I'll head over to the hospital late afternoon or so.

Tomorrow is Colby's big day. His surgery is slated for 1pm. We probably won't know too much until later tomorrow when we talk to the surgeons and see how things went. Then it will be yet another "wait and see" thing. Man, I don't like that !!! We've had to "wait and see" about his brain bleed, a couple different times when he was showing signs of infection and, well, just about every other hurdle he has encountered. I guess it makes sense though. The doctors do what they can, but then you really do just need to sit back and wait.

I do my best not to let things in life bother me. But the last couple nights I've been tossing and turning a lot. I'm not sure but I wonder if Colby's surgery is on my mind. Everyone will be better once Colby comes out of surgery and we see he's doing well.
So that's about it for today. As we get information about his tests today, I'll do my best to update the blog. I don't know how tomorrow or Wednesday will go. So depending on what's going on, I may or may not update for a day or two.


Liz and Chris said...

OMG he looks adorable all snug and ready for bed! We're rootin' for ya tomorrow Colby!!!!

Anonymous said...

hope that the surgery went well! I have been thinking of you guys a ton! I will check back later for updates! Take care!


Anonymous said...

I love the last picture of little Colby!!! He looks so adorable!!!

We will be praying for little Colby, and that his surgery goes smoothly. GOD will be watching over him tomorrow and Avery will be right by his side!!!

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia