Monday, October 8, 2007

My name is Scott and I have a 6 week old son, Colby.

(above: Colby at 5 days. below: Colby at 5 weeks and 5 days)
I do love saying that !!!

Our little boy is 6 weeks old today. He's come a very long way.



Unknown said...

Yeah...6 weeks old! He has come such a long way. He is definitely a fighter!

Namaste ~

Namaste translates to the divine light within me honors the divine light within you and Tracey and your family.

Anonymous said...

Colby, you've come along way baby (you too, mom and dad). Happy six weeks and congrats on staying off the vent :)

Liz and Chris said...

Happy Birthday Colby!!! Your GF is looking forward to spending some time with you at Christmas so hurry and get home!

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 weeks to you, happy 6 weeks to you, happy 6 weeks dear Colby, happy 6 weeks to you!!! :D

Your doing great little guy!!! You have come along way. Mommy and Daddy you have too!!!

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia Fabel
Keller, TX

Anonymous said...

Hi. Just wanted you to know that many are aware of and praying for Colby. He is a dear baby. His eyes are SO expressive and full of life. Go, Colby!

Anonymous said...

Scott and Tracey...we are praying for you both and Colby daily. He is so handsome! He's blessed to have great parents such as yourself who are staying so strong! We'll be praying for continuous improvements and for a speedy trip home.

God Bless,
Elena & Mark Barkasy