Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Mornings

(Trip to gramma and grampa's on Saturday)(Colby and grandpa playing)(All that playin' tires a boy out you know)(Colby wearing his hat on the kitchen table. Kinda looks like a sombrero...Anda le Colby! Arriiiiiiiiiiba!)
(And at the Jazz Festival last night. He loves anything that makes a crinkling or crunching sound. As long as we're watching him, we'll let him play with a plastic bag. Or when I bring him grocery shopping, I'll plop a bag of pretzels, chips or anything than he can get his little mits on and make a crunching sound and he'll play for that until we check out. By the way, see how he's sitting up all alone !!! What a big boy!)

(Colby and momma)
(If you get close enough, Colby loves to grab your nose or lips. It's a really quick way to know if he needs his little fingernails clipped ! His little hands and strong and sometimes he'll get a hold of you, start pinching away and man does it hurt !)
(....still playing with the bag...)

A long while back, either before the twins were born or maybe once they were in the NICU, I posted an entry talking about how I wondered how our Sunday mornings would change once we had a baby at home.

So here I am, coffee in hand, listening to some nice music, Tracey playing with Colby....yup, life is good. I would say the only thing that's changed is our schedule. We still enjoy our coffee and start the day slowly. And although our 6am alarm clock (aka Colby) sometimes wakes us up earlier than we'd like, it's nice to start the day early that way by 8 am we've had our coffee and are awake and ready to start the day.

Colby's been doing very well. The last Birth to Three visit gave us some good exercises to do with Colby and we've been working with him to get him to push himself up from his stomach. Though he's not doing push-ups yet, he's getting used to the feeling of having his body weight on his hands and arms. He's also increasingly vocal. It's not a huge change but I notice the difference and just to see him progressing is all I could ask for. He's also to the point that he wants to roll from his stomach to his back. If I put something he wants just out of reach, he'll roll onto his side, but then his arm acts like a kick stand and stops him.

I bought him some Baby Einstein videos yesterday. Tracey is watching "My First Signs" with him now on her laptop. He's always been captivated by what we do on our computers.

We went to the Hartford Jazz Festival last night. It's a nice event. You bring a blanket, lawn chairs and whatever food/drink you want. We met some friends there and just sat around and enjoyed the music. At first, Colby was having seizures more than we'd ever seen it before. Even on the way there. I wasn't too alarmed because they came on relatively quickly, so I hoped they would quit just as quickly. We don't know what triggered them, but sure enough, they just stopped after a bit and he did very well with the music and all the stimulation. Our friends Tina and Ken have a 9 month old. Colby wasn't all that intrigued but Cason would touch Colby and Colby was fine with it. I also brought Colby to see my cousin Randy and his wife Mary. Their daughter Hannah is certainly mobile. But again, Colby did very well and was interested in what she was up to, trying to grab her arm.

Hopefully this week we'll hear from the doctors and get an appointment for his EEG. you realize it's just over a month until COLBY'S FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! YIPPIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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