Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birth to Three Visit

This morning's visit with Birth to Three went OK. Colby was much fussier than normal. I told her about his recent doctors visits and his PVL. She was disappointed to hear that he had PVL, but told us to keep stimulating him as much as possible. We're going to work harder on trying to get him to push himself up on his belly. He'll do it, but just for a minute. Then he'll just lie face down and either start doing raspberries with his mouth and making his normal "baby talk" sounds....or he'll cry. So we now have a variety of exercises we can do to help him build some upper body strength. We're also going to start having a occupational therapist come see him every other week. I don't know the details of that yet as this all got set in motion this morning. She was happy to see him sitting up so well and reinforced that he's come a long way given his history.
Colby has been a bit more tired lately and I read online that some kids who have seizures have them while they're sleeping too which interferes with their sleep pattern. When Colby's awake, he's alert and happy, but he seems to get tired more frequently now and is taking more naps than usual. So we'll keep an eye on that too.
We've started to process of getting Colby to see a neurologist. There's some paperwork to be done and probably a bit of a wait to get in to see him/her, but we want to push to get him seen as soon as possible. We'll be bringing him to Yale. It's a bit of a drive for us but well worth it if they can help our little boy out.
I can't thank you guys enough for your comments and e-mails. The support is worth more to us than you could ever imagine.
I'll try to take some pictures and maybe even some video in the next couple days and get that up.

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Jamie Fabel said...

Maleia has a physical therapist, occupational therapist, and nutritionist that come out every month, with them working with Maleia she has improved a lot. I hope everything gets better and Colby blows everyone away!!!