Monday, July 28, 2008

11 months old!

Wow, as of yesterday, Colby is 11 months old! Less than a month now and the Colbster will be the big.......One.
He was a crank pot today. I love him to death but when I'm tired and he's tired....yeah, babies can loose just a smudge of cuteness when you're tired to begin with and then they're tired and cranky and they cry...and cry.....and cry for no apparent reason. I'm sure they're just trying to tell us what's happening. Today he was cranky and no matter what we did, he'd just fuss. I think he's just tired. Don't know. He'll get a good night's sleep, so will and I tomorrow will be a different day.
We're still waiting to hear something from the EEG. Hopefully sometime this week.
I took some video and broke it up into a couple of small movies. I'll post one every day or so. The first is of our boy eating his dinner. He's a VERY GOOD eater!!! Especially his fruit and cereal. Don't you love how it looks like he's chewing! He's like a little bird. He'll open his mouth and wait for you to scoop some fruit in. You can see his seizures a bit in the film. They do seem to happen a bit more when he's eating from the spoon. Not so much when he's eating from the bottle. Again, hopefully this week will shed some light into this.

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