Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just some pics

(Colby has figured out he's got a tongue and has been sticking it out a lot lately. )

(Colby and mommy)
(I love my boy!!)
(Colby and daddy)
(Our friend Celeste rented a house on a lake here in CT and invited us over last night. Our friends Liz and Chris went with their little girl, Caitlin. Colby did great until he got tired. We had a hard time getting him down but hey...that's all part of parenting. : ))
(Colby says "'s my eye."
(Colby, Caitin and Celeste's son, Holden.)


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. Sticking out tongue midline without tremble is the test for cranial nerve 12. More of my useless knowledge :) Glad, your weekend is going well. Enjoy your Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

I love when babies discover they have tongues. My youngest neice used to grab hers and try to look at it. I also love the pictures of colby playing with other babies. The baby play face grab! Almost as classic as when they try to crawl over each other.