Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A quick video

Although this video may not seem like much to some people, things are in a much different perspective when your child's future is uncertain. Each little "normal" thing he does is a victory for us. In the last couple weeks he's been reaching while lying on his back. He won't quite roll from back to belly, but this is the next step to get him there. He'll get onto his side and then flop back onto his back.
We're optimistic about Colby's future. The doctors have been very pleased with his progress when compared to other children with a level 3 brain bleed and hydrocephalus.
I do what I can to read up on his conditions and it seems that most people with a grade 3 brain bleed are very delayed and have some sort of life long affect. But we'll continue to work with him and help him do all that he's able to.
Tomorrow's video will be of him finding his voice. He's so cute when he just lies there and talks to himself. He's definitely found the "B" consonant sound. He'll also do the "G" sound. He won't do it in correlation to anything yet, but just the fact that he's figuring out what sounds he can make is a cool thing to watch.

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Mommakitten said...

He is doing so well, and he has come so far! I love watching him grow via the blog!