Saturday, December 22, 2007

Still no word, Dad's going out and pics from Maine

( "Ho..Ho....zzzzzzzzzzzz")
(All wide-eyed)
(most of the pictures I take are more of his face. But the one above gives you a little bit of an idea of his head. The hydrocephalus is mainly out the back.)

The neurosurgeon didn't come yesterday. So we're hoping he'll come today. Our guess is that Colby will still come home on Christmas day now. Even if the surgeon looked at Colby's situation today, I think it's pretty unlikely that he'll schedule surgery before Christmas. So we'll probably bring him home, then bring him back for the consult with the surgeon and then back again for the surgery. I'm not too sure how the recuperation time is for something like this.

I was again a bit disappointed that we still don' have any answers. I was visiting Colby by myself yesterday so I just sat with him, held him for a bit and made the best of things.....I put his santa hat on. He cracked me up because he could feel it on his head and he'd scrunch up his eyebrows, give a good grunt and push that hat off with his hands. Little stinker!

Colby is now over 6 pounds. As of last night he was 6 pounds 1 ounce. He may fluctuate back and forth but at least he broke the 6 pound mark.

I got his car seat installed yesterday. Today I'm going to try to get to baby's r us to pick up some of the things we need. I'm anxious to get his room all together. We currently have his crib. Today I'll probably pick up his changing table and dresser and then the basics....diapers, wipes etc. I can't wait to have him home!!!! Just a couple more days!!!!

Tonight a couple friends and I are going to head out to see a local band that we really enjoy called Columbia Fields. ( We've gotten to know the band a bit over time and we'll see some other friendly faces while we're out. Boy do I need a night out! LOL Tracey is doing her own thing and going to have some mom and son time. She and Evan will do a little Christmas shopping then probably grab a bite to eat and maybe a movie. Like I said before, she's a wonderful mom. : )

You know, I never posted any pictures from our time away last weekend. Here are a couple pictures for you all. Absolutely great place! I've been going to the same lake since before I could remember. I can't wait until things settle down and the whole family...Tracey, Evan, Colby and I...ow ya..and Hamilton of course, can go up there!(First things' first...sleep! Our first day up there we were snowed in and got about 8-10 inches on top of the couple feet that was already on the ground. So we kept the wood stove going, watched some TV and just slept!)(Day two we woke up to brighter skies, plenty of snow and a couple deer coming across the front yard.)(Hamilton LOVES the snow!!! It wasn't much above zero degrees, so we bundled up and headed out to do some snowshoeing. You can get a feel for the depth of the snow...there is a fallen birch tree behind Tracey. There is snow on the top of it going all the way out of frame!)

(I managed to tap into a neighbor's wireless network long enough to check the blog. hehe)

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Anonymous said...

Love the Santa hat on CUTE!!! Merry Christmas, and enjoy having Colby home for the holiday!
Love, Mary, Randy, and Hannah