Saturday, December 1, 2007

Groundhog day

(pictures from last can tell because he still has his feeding tube in. What a big boy Colby is becoming!)

Colby continues to do well. They've started a new fortifier in his milk and it seems to be agreeing with him a little better. He's dropped a little weight in the last couple days, but it could be because they changed his diuretic and he's simply loosing water. However, yesterday he was an eating machine. He's been taking about 60cc's of milk each feeding. Yesterday he was taking either 70 or 80 cc's. So that should help him pack on some pounds.
The physical therapist saw him again and stopped by to update me. All in all, things look pretty good. His symmetry of motion is good. He has good muscle tone, eats and swallows well. She wasn't able to determine how he tracks with his eyes because I guess he was a bit sleepy when she evaluated him. But when I was there yesterday I would move left to right and he would clearly follow with his eyes. So yet another good thing! Tracey and I have said from day one that we want to be as educated as we can to help Colby with his development and all. So she's going to give us a packet of things we can do to help him along. That will be great.
I'm sorry I didn't update the blog yesterday. From time to time I just hit burnout. I don't want to answer the phone, don't want to check my e-mail don't want to update the blog. Nothing. It takes everything I've got to get up, make my appointments, drive to the NICU, spend time there and get home around 8 or so at night. I'm torn right now because I want to go visit with Colby, but my body is telling me to take it easy. Tracey and I have a lot going on this weekend so maybe it would be best if I just hang at home and tend to the list of things that have been let go. Tracey and I laugh because from time to time, we rotate taking days off from the NICU. We say that Colby doesn't know what time it is. There's no windows in his room. So for him the past 3 months have just been like one very long day, or like the movie groundhog day. Tracey took the day before yesterday off because she was working a double. So when she came in to see Colby yesterday, I told Colby "Hey, look, Mom's here. Remember she was just here 3 hours ago?"
The NICU had a nice farewell for Dr John Casey. For those of you who are new to the blog, we first met Dr Casey the night that our daughter passed away. Not a good situation to meet someone for the first time. But he was wonderful and from that day on we just grew to respect his expertise and enjoy his company when he was working with Colby. It was neat to hob-nob with the staff outside of the NICU and I felt honored to be apart of their event.
So that's the scoop for today....some good news and some progress with his belly. In just a couple days they will try doing his oxygen test again. With a little luck he'll get a little farther. If not, we'll just wait a week and try it again.


Anonymous said...

We are glad to hear that the new fortifier is helping. we are praying for his next test to go well, so hopefully he can be off oxygen.

Sorry to hear that Dr. Casey left. We know how it is to have a favorite Dr.! Where did he go?

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia

Scott said...

There is a very lucky hospital in New York City that will be Dr Casey's new home.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Colby is progressing so well. He is so cute. I love the video of him not wanting the binky. it put a huge smile on my face.