Wednesday, December 26, 2007

If you like drama....this blog is for you!

Don't worry, Colby's home.

My title refers to our currently situation.....

OK, so for the past 4 months, Tracey and I have been running on empty, lots of stress and little sleep. But for the most part, we kept ahead of getting sick. Now just today, the day Colby finally comes home, I started to feel sick to my stomach and my belly started hurting. As we were waiting to be discharged, I just kept feeling worse and you know when you're going to get sick how your mouth kinda waters...well, that started happening. So I bailed out of the hospital, left Tracey there and drove myself home where I proceeded to throw up and spend a lot of time in the bathroom! I've got the stomach bug or something!!!

Luckily our living room is on the entire other end of the house so Tracey and Colby will live there and I'll live in the bedroom/bathroom until I feel better. We called the doctor and asked what I should do. They simply said to keep my distance until I'm feeling better.

So that's where things stand....Colby is home and Tracey is settling in and I'm trying keep to myself and not throw up on things.


Anonymous said...

Poor Scott! Congrats Colby! We are so excited for you! Please continue to blog! We love to hear from you and see the pictures. My children love to see the baby!

Get well soon & congrats!

Anonymous said...

Sorry your so sick Scott, but we are ao HAPPY Colby is home!!!!
Love, Mary and Hannah

Amanda said...

I'm with the anon comment!!!

I really hope you feel better soon and that neither Tracey, Evan, or Colby catch the bug. Get well soon!!

Cynthia said...

OMG - what horrible timing! Well, at least you can take comfort in knowing you're under the same roof tonight.

Anonymous said...

Poor guy, that has to be the worst timing. I'm so happy that Colby is home! Take heart soon HE'LL be the one throwing up all over things :)

Anonymous said...

So sorry you are sick!!! :( Get better soon!!! But, at least Colby is at home, and you can hear him when ever you want!!! :)

Please keep blogging, we love the updates, and love the pictures!!!

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia

Anonymous said...

I was just checking WebMD for temp guidelines for toddlers...Tyler has a bug, too!! You poor thing. Congrats to Colby, welcome home little guy. This too shall pass, hopefully soon.