Saturday, December 15, 2007

A growing boy and a trip away

Boy I love pictures. They help tell a story, keep a memory and put
things in perspective.
(Colby at 3 weeks and one day old)

(Dad holding Colby at 4 weeks old)

(And look at our boy now......15 weeks and 5 days old as of yesterday)

(Colby shouts "Hellooooo there. Can someone please put my clothes back on?")

(Peacefully asleep)

I hadn't seen Colby in a couple days because I was battling a cold and simply didn't want to chance going to see him if I wasn't feeling well. But yesterday I was feeling better so I went to see our little boy. He's doing great. The nurses said he had a very good day, quiet and content. He weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces. That made me happy to see that his weight is moving in the right direction.

The doctor said yesterday that they will try to do an MRI next week. Again, they're doing this to see if he has any PVL. PVL happens when areas of the brain have essentially died due to lack of blood flow. Colby is at risk for this because of his brain bleed and his hydrocephalus. I don't know when they plan to do it but we'll be very anxious to hear the results. They will also do another stress oxygen test around Tuesday.

I've noticed lately that Colby's right eye turns out. It's been gradually getting more noticeable. And it's most noticeable when he's tired. I don't think that this is anything to worry about but I'm going to ask about it. I know many people who read this blog have had babies, some preemies. So if you have any insight into this (yup, a little pun intended there), please feel free to share your experience.

Colby continues to take his bottle like a champ. He's been on the slow flow nipple but is starting to show signs that he's ready for the medium flow.

Tracey and I are off to Maine today for a couple days. We love it there.

The last time we went anywhere was to Stockbridge, MA after Avery passed away. It was at the end of a very tough experience. At that point we needed time just the two of us, time to gather our thoughts, reflect and balance ourselves. Now we're getting away again but for different reasons. This trip we hope will allow us to re energize before a new, exciting chapter of our journey.....when Colby comes home.


Unknown said...

I hope you and your wife have a relaxing time away.
You both are so strong,and getting away together makes your marriage stronger.
It may be a long journey,but you are handle it so well,and always are an inspiration.

I'm still praying for you all

Anonymous said...

I hope you and Tracey have nice weekend away. So glad to hear that Colby is doing so well!!! We will be praying that everything comes back fine with the MRI and he passes his next test.

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia