Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Latest and greatest from Colby's room

(Mom holding Colby last night)
(Colby's crib at the hospital)

(Colby liked his bath...)(...until he got out.)
(We got a bouncy seat for him and luckily he seems to like that.)

I told you that I'd probably be posting a lot now that I'm staying in the hospital with Colby. Above are a couple pictures of Colby's new setup.

Things seem to be going well. The neurosurgeon came in today just before I headed home and said that all in all, Colby's situation seems to be pretty good. They're going to do an ultrasound tomorrow to see if his ventricles have filled again after they did his spinal tap. If the ultrasound looks good, he said they'll send him home tomorrow. OR.....if it shows that all the fluid has just come back, then they'll keep him and do a shunt probably Thursday or Friday.

Man, things are never dull in Colby's room!

Last night was my first night staying with a baby and it was....well...an experience. LOL He ate a lot at around 9:30 and then again around 1am and slept through until about 6am. But as any new parent can attest, you hear every moan, groan and in Colby's case...every grunt followed by a fart. His belly continues to bother him and he although he is able to go poop, it has to work pretty hard to get thing moving. They're giving him something to try to help him have less gas and hopefully that will help him feel better.

On top of Colby making all kinds of noises, our room is directly in front of the nurses station. And we have what seems to be the social hub of our floor right outside our door. Lastly, because we're in a children's hospital, there are kids in all the rooms around us. And a couple times last night I could hear a poor boy crying loudly and shouting "I want my mommy.......!". Poor guy. It's got to be scary for a little boy or girl to first of all be going through whatever medical challenge they may have, but secondly to be put in a strange place and at times be left alone without family around.

So tonight I'm going to try to put some white noise on or maybe the TV or something to drown out some of the commotion outside our room.

It's just Colby and I tonight. In a way I kinda like that. I of course love spending time with my lovebug, but it's neat to have one-on-one time with your baby. Plus I have the crew of nurses just outside my door if I need anything so it's a gently transition to being home alone with him.

For me....there's a couple things. First it was to spend so much time with my wife and my new son over the past day or so. Secondly, we have a bit of a tradition that when Evan comes home Christmas Day (Evan always goes over his dads Christmas Eve), we always put on some holiday music and the three of us have our little Christmas. Evan has loved this since he was little and it's just our little ritual. So that was neat....that amid all the chaos that's swirling around us right now, we still held onto this piece of normalcy. As for the material stuff....I'd have to say it's the nice LL Bean wool sweater Evan and Tracey got me. I love LL Bean.

So what about you guys? How was your Xmas? What was your favorite part of the holiday?I don't know who will be checking this blog given it's the holiday. But to the extent you're able to and want to share, please feel free keep in touch and give me something to read. : )


Cynthia said...

Merry Christmas to you all!! I hope that you were able to make the best of your time together. It sounds like Colby is in good hands. We had a great experience at CCMC this summer with our boys. I hope that you'll leave (soon!) saying the same. Love the Santa photos of Colby by the way!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Santa outfit!!! Poor Colby will look at that picture one day and say...thanks mom and dad!!! I hope you all get to go home tomorrow...we will keep our fingers crossed.
Love, Mary and Hannah

Anonymous said...


Maleia made out great!!! She got a lot of clothes and some toys. We got some cool stuff too. Much needed kitchen stuff. :) We are hoping Colby will be able to go home tomorrow!!! :)

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!
I love the santa outfit on colby, he looks so different without all the tubes. I'm so excited to hear of what great progress he is making. that put a perfect end to a holiday about spending time wit loved ones and really appreciating what u have.I hope to hear that Colby is home b-4 the new year.