Friday, December 26, 2008

Would you like an extra night's stay?

Once Tracey came into the hospital to stay with Colby, I had every intent of coming home, getting something to eat, lying in bed and updating the blog. Well...I got as far as lying in bed. I was out like a light.
Tracey got into the hospital around noon. I honestly don't recall what time it was. We stayed together in his room for a bit, but I was tired and poor Colby was one unhappy camper. He had another fever and was boarder line miserable. They gave him some more Tylonol and then I headed out to come home and get some rest.
I just woke up and called Tracey. Colby seems to be doing much better. The doctors looked at him and said that it's a toss up. He could come home or they could keep him another night. Given the fact that he started to get better twice only to see him digress, we decided to have him stay and be observed for one more night. He is eating, though I'm not sure how much.
So I'm going to try to wake up a little, feed Hamilton and then head back into the hospital. Whenever I get home I'll have some pictures of our little boy to post. We're hoping that this time tomorrow, we'll all be back home together.

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Unknown said...

I hope he continues to recover and can come home tomorrow. Thinking of you guys.