Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 3

(Colby looking at one of his X-mas presents (thanks Chloe and Caitlin). We tried to have a bit of a Christmas here last night, but Colby was not at all interested in much and Tracey was exhausted)(Here's our boy last night, getting some rest.)

(You can see the tape on the top of his head. Apart from that, there's no signs of his surgery as they didn't need to mess with the drainage tube in his belly)

(And here he is this morning, sitting up and more alert. He loves his Pirate Booty. He's definitely right handed, but with the board on his right hand, he was forced to use his left.)

Last night went pretty well. Colby didn't really cry, more of a moaning and whimpering most of the night. He had a mild fever around 1am and I think his belly was bothering him some. He would take longer naps for about an hour or more a couple times during the night. This morning found him doing a little better, a little livelier. He was playing with some stuffed animals and ate some pirate booty. He continues to whimper a lot and doesn't want anything to do with his bottle. I'm trying to stay quiet and let him rest.
The doctors came in around 8:30 this morning to look at him. They said he looked good and if he can just regain his appetite, he may be able to go home today. They will come back in around mid day to re-evaluate him.
Tracey is on her way into the hospital. She needed to drop Evan off at his dad's. Once she gets in, I'll visit with her for a bit then head home to get some rest.
Nothing too much more to report right now.

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Unknown said...

The last photo of Colby sitting up... just tugging at my heart... look at that little face.