Thursday, December 11, 2008

Colby's home and doing well

We were discharged from the hospital yesterday morning. The doctors said everything was looking good and that we just need to watch for signs of infection or that the shunt isn't working properly. We have a follow up appt with the doctor for December 23rd.

Colby was a bit groggy and a little cranky yesterday. But that's to be expected. He's back to his normal self today, playing and babbling away.

They put quite a bit of tape on his poor little head (see pictures above). That's not going to be fun for him when we take it off.

So we're back to life as "normal". Thank all of you for your comments and e-mail. I've said it honestly means a lot to be able to vent via the blog and to have the support of so many.


Anonymous said...

We are happy to see Colby is home :)
Love, Mary and Hannah

Unknown said...

Your family has been on my mind... even so much as I felt the need to talk to my husband and my mom about what your family was going through (again... they remember your family from the birth.) Your little group sure does touch a lot of heart strings I tell ya! Glad to hear Colby is home and in his comfort zone. Hugs and kisses to that little precious one!

Unknown said...

YAY! I'm glad the Colbster is home and doing good. Give him a huge hug for me.

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia said...

We are so glad that he is home!!! Also, that he is back to his old self!!!