Thursday, December 25, 2008

Premature evaluation?

(Deja Vu! Here are some pictures from last Christmas. ....could have been the same room even, I don't remember. Our little guy was so....well....little!) These were taken right before he had his third ventricalostomy and right before he came home for the first time.)

(He was so small he swam in the preemie santa suit)

(Momma loving her little boy. ....Love those socks my love!)

Poor Colby hasn't had a good night thus far. He started off doing so well. But he's getting cranky again, putting his hands up on his head and rubbing it. It's so hard because we simply don't know if it's just him being uncomfortable with all he's gone through in the last two days or if it's the pressure starting to build again. We have to wait and see, but it's so hard to watch your child in this condition. We just stay near to him, love him and do what we can to help him through these tough times.

Tracey and Evan came to his room a couple hours ago. We had a make shift Christmas. We tried to show Colby's his presents but he wasn't at all interested, so we let him rest. Poor Tracey is absolutely exhausted. She hasn't slept more than a couple hours in the past couple days and the stress of it all is taking it's toll. I hope she can go home, put as much of this out of her head as possible and get some rest.

Some of the nurses again asked where she was or who was going to stay with Colby tonight. I think some of them may think that we're a bit "different" that one of us will leave for a while. But if this were the first thing Colby went through, I think we'd both be glued to the side of his bed. But it's going on a year and 1/2 now of one issue or another and you learn that you simply can't both be there all the time for a year and 1/2. We need to take shifts, let one person recharge while the other takes care of things.

I'd have to say that I think Tracey and I work so well together, both on normal day to day things as well as situations like this. We've heard of families that are torn apart when faced with issues like this. I can fully understand and will admit that what's gone on over the past year and 1/2 would put stress on the best of relationships. But we continue to support each other, learn together and grow together. In doing so I think it's a way to make something good of an otherwise crappy situation.

I hope that I won't have much more to report tonight. I've turned the lights off in the room and gently rubbed the side of Colby's head and cheek until he fell asleep. Hopefully he'll get some good rest tonight. I'm going to make up my couch/bed and try to nap here and there between the nurse's checkups. I'll continue to post updates as things progress.


Unknown said...

I think that is the perfect game plan to take shifts so one of you can get some rest.

Unknown said...

Scott... you and Tracey are AMAZING with Colby and with each other from what your blog shows.... very supportive of the other. I could only imagine this process makes your family unit grow closer and the bond stronger.