Thursday, December 25, 2008

CAT Scan results & back to the OR

(This is Colby mid morning)
(A bit later, things look better. Colby was sitting on Tracey's lap, eating some Cheerios. But then he started being more lethargic and ended up starting to vomit again. He threw up what he had eaten and then again on my shoulder as I carried him down for his CAT scan.)

(The hour or so before he went in for surgery, Colby just lied there. I would hold him but he was out of it and seemed to be able to support his own body better if he was lying in bed than slouched in my arms.)

The CAT scan showed that Colby's shunt that they placed yesterday isn't functioning they way it should. It's supposed to be down into his ventricle but continues to ride up back into his brain, thus not allowing any drainage. The doctor says the tube in his brain is not rigid and tends to follow the path of least resistance, so it continues to ride back up into the area that it used to be.

Colby has been progressively uncomfortable as the day progressed and began vomiting again around noon. In the past hour or two he's become just about unresponsive, his heart rate is down and breathing has slowed. The doctors reassure me that it's the pressure on his brain that's causing all of this.

I saw the CAT Scan from yesterday and today and his ventricles are enlarged, though not too badly. At least not compared to last February when he first got his shunt placement.

I just got back from bringing Colby to the OR. They are going to try to go in with a scope and see what happened with his third ventricalsotomy that was done last December. We imagine that the hole is closed and thus not allowing any drainage at the bottom of his brain. If they see that the tissue has closed and that they can access the bottom of Colby's brain without much risk, they will try to put another hole to all allow for drainage. I have to admit that having my son's head operated on in twice in two days...three times in as many weeks pulls at my stomach. Each time they go in there's risk for infection, damage to arteries and brain tissue. You have to have faith in the doctor's skill and experience. Regardless of what they see there, they are going to place a shunt on the right side of his head. It will go in just like the one he has now, but it will cross the top of his head and connect to the drainage tube he currently has. I think they will then remove the shunt he has on his left side.

I really hope this works. Colby is one sick boy right now and we were hoping that yesterday's surgery would get him back on the path to being a happy little boy. If today's surgery fails, I'm not too sure what their next steps will be or what it can mean.

I wasn't sure about posting pictures today. But I feel that this blog should be a representation of Colby's journey and show both the good with the ... well, not so good. I've also looked back on the not so good times and it helps me feel thankful for what we have. ....a wonderful little boy and ow how far he's come. I think it's important to recognize the bad times, not dwell upon them. And use them to help keep things in perspective sometimes. That things can always be worse and to be happy and thankful for all that IS going right.

It's quiet here in Colby's room now. I can hear the dinging of monitors in the neighboring rooms. When Colby's here, his monitors bring back many memories of the NICU. When he's awake we stay with him at his bedside. But as he sleeps, it allows us to do what we need to do to recharge ourselves. I will stay with Colby tonight. Tracey stayed last night and didn't get much sleep. So it's important for her to go home tonight and take care of herself. We've definitely learned that although we need each other's company and support, we're not of much good unless we each take care of ourselves.

I'll continue to post updates as I can.

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Unknown said...

My heart is on the floor looking at his precious little face... I missed a few days of your blog and this morning I am just trying to catch up from where I left off and get updated...
I do appreciate when you post pictures... so thank you for taking the time to do that.