Friday, February 29, 2008

What a long way he's come

First of all, thank all of you for your comments and e-mails. It continues to amaze me that after almost 7 months now, people continue to follow and be interested in our story.

Colby is having another good day today. He continues to use his hands a lot today, either grasping them together in front of him or grabbing onto things. It's funny because he seems to plateau for a bit, then move forward with things. But with his history of surgeries and being in and out of the hospital, I guess it must be extremely hard for him to build much momentum when it comes to learning how his body works and how to interact with the world around him.

I'm dragging today....pretty tired. I had had a long week. It was just last week that he had his surgery but it feels like weeks ago. So last week wrapped up with Colby getting surgery, then trying to recover from that, then his troubles with his belly, a trip to the emergency room....ow ...and on top of this trying to be a father, husband and run my business and be there for clients. I know...what a sob story, right? I just need to vent. I'm tired and simply can't wait for things to mellow out....fewer trips to the doctor, at least a couple weeks without surgery or some medical emergency.......and some sleep. It will come. All in time.

Sometimes I just sit and watch the slide show at the top of the blog. Although the memories of all that we went through are still vivid, at times they seem like something from years ago. And sometimes when I think "boy, Colby is going through a lot" I just look at how far he's come. Born 1 pound 15 ounces and then dropping to under 1 pound 10 ounces.....he now is over 10 pounds. Scares of ROP, possible vision problems or even he looks for us he hears our voices. A brain bleed and hydrocephalus that lead to talks with doctors about cerebral palsy and motor skill issues......although we're by no means out of the woods with this yet, his muscle tone is wonderful (not too stiff or too laxed), he moves all his legs, arms, hands and feet. Worries about him not being able to eat properly and other babies in the NICU having to get GTubes....and now he eats like a champ. Just so much to be thankful for and to look forward to! I know many of you who follow this blog also have children, some of them preemies. And from what I've gotten to know about some of you, it's amazing to see just how strong children are and how much they can prove doctors wrong. Boy that's a wonderful thing!

I've mentioned before that this blog is a way for me to myself and keep friends and family abreast with the latest happenings with Colby. Although I've found it much more difficult to find the time and energy to write lately, today is a perfect example of how I start writing, not really knowing what I'm going to write about, but end up wrapping it up feeling 1,000 times better. Thank all of you again for your support and for taking the time to read our story


The Johnson Family 5 said...

I'm so glad to hear that Colby is getting back to himself! That is a lot to go through at such a young age! I found out that Colby and Cole have different forms of hydro!? I thought that was interesting. Cole automatically has some form of it just being achondroplastic. Just reading about Colby I can see the differences of both forms. I learn something new everyday!! I will keep Colby in my prayers! I pray that he doesn't have C.P. or anything else!! He looks like such a bright and happy little guy!!

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia said...

He looks great!!! I can't believe that he is over 10 pounds already!!! he will catch up to Maleia in no time at all. She is probably about 12 pounds, but we started adding oil to her baby food, so she has been getting extra calories. It really seems to be helping. :)

He is such a strong little man, and will prove the doctors wrong, I have a strong feeling!!! Glad to hear everything is getting better. Get some much needed rest!!!
:0 -that's a yawning face... LOL!!!

nancy said...

I just love these two pictures. The second one if my fav.

Yup, it's amazing how tired you can be, eh? You keep posting and I'll keep reading. Deal?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy six months and a few days Colby!