Thursday, February 21, 2008

The never ending story

Well, it's been a couple weeks now since Colby's surgery. And things have been going very well. He's been very active, smiling and happy. I was out on appointments today when I got a call from Tracey saying that she noticed Colby's eyes were "sunsetting". This is when they look down for no apparent reason. She called the neurosurgeon and they asked her to bring him right in. I was at the other end of the state and had commitments through the afternoon. She was already getting ready to leave the house and bring Colby to the hospital. A couple hours later I got another call from Tracey saying that Colby's eyes weren't in fact sunsetting, but they wanted to do an ultrasound anyway. Another couple hours and another call back to let me know that Colby's surgery didn't go as well as he hoped and his hydrocephalus isn't getting any better. So tomorrow he goes back into the hospital at noon and is scheduled for surgery at 1pm.
We're a bit bummed, but also a bit numbed from the constant ups and downs. So we'll head into tomorrow just as all the other times. We're content that he'll finally have a shunt put in. It wasn't what we were hoping for but hundreds....or maybe thousands of people live with shunts their entire lives. There's a greater risk of infection and other problems over time. But we'll just need to deal with them. I'm not entirely sure about the recovery time or all that this entails. But as I get more information, I'll pass it along.
As for right now....a nice glass of red wine......


Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia said...

I'm sorry to hear that yet again you guys have another bump in the road to over come. But, we will be praying for Colby tomorrow, and for a speedy recovery. He is such a fighter, and this will only make him stronger!!!

Our thoughts are with you all!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so bummed for you guys that there is yet another bump in the road. Hopefully this will take care of things for a longtime...and you can go back to "normal" happy family in a week or so.

With my newest (fullterm) turning one soon, I think where in the world did the time go????

With Tyler, I thought, "pheww, the year is finally here, we did it, we made it." (And physically I felt it, I felt like I had aged at least five years :)

As always Coby and family are in my thoughts and prayers.