Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Colby's home!!!

Yup, Tracey brought him home around dinner time! Amazing!!!! One day he goes into the hospital for surgery on his head. The next day, he's home!
All in all he's doing well. He was up almost all day with Tracey, so tonight he's really groggy. He still has a bandage on the top of his head which will come off this Friday, but apart from that, you wouldn't know what he's been through.
Life is back to "normal" now that he's home. There's no real precautions or special things we need to do. We'll just watch his head growth and watch for any signs of infection or the return of his hydrocephalus. He'll go back for ultrasound and/or MRI's over time to monitor his situation.
I'll try to get some more pictures up tomorrow. Thank all of you again for your well wishes, comments and e-mails!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Colby is doing great...We are so happy to see that he is home!!!Love, Mary and Hannah

Anonymous said...

Great news about Colby!!! So happy that he's already home!


Mommakitten said...

Hallelujah!! God is good!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Colby is home and your lives can resume. God bless. Laura

Anonymous said...

That is so great!!! He is one tough little man!!! I know he will do great things!!! So happy for you guys!!!

Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia

colecam said...

Welcome home Colby!!! You sure are a tough little dude!! Tina

Anonymous said...

I am glad he is at home and doing well.