Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Troubling tummies

Just a quick update on the Colbster....
Ever since his surgery, he's been extremely uncomfortable, crying, fussy and generally not himself. He's eating OK, but his sleep is interrupted with him waking up crying. When he is awake, better than half of the time seems to be him squirming about, fussing or crying. Thus far we've gotten a couple possible explanations, each of which point to his belly.
First, the tube the drains his fluid from his head empties into his belly area. It doesn't go directly into his stomach or anything like that, but rather into the general area where the blood vessels in his intestine and all absorb the extra fluid and pull it into his digestive track where it's either taken in by the body or passed through. So this in itself could cause havoc on his belly.
Secondly, it's been suggested that the strong antibiotics that he had to take after his surgery could have killed the good bacteria that he has in his intestines, thus leaving them relatively unable to digest correctly.....and extremely uncomfortable.
Either way we have an unhappy boy on our hands and are currently getting very little sleep at night. Tracey has been wonderful by following up with the doctors and trying to hunt down some answers and some solutions. She's at the doctors right now and hopefully in the next day or so we can start to get poor little Colby's belly back in order.
Apart from this...he broke the 10 pound mark. He'd been hovering just below this for some time now but at his visit just yesterday, they confirmed he's over 10 pounds. His head and the rest of the tubing at least thus far seem to be healing without complications (knock on wood).
He's got some follow up appointments with the pulminologist and other doctors this week and next in addition to now this new hunt to get his belly on track, so we're plenty busy. Given this my updates will most likely be sporadic at least until things settle down. Hopefully I'll get some more pics up soon.


Jamie, Jordan, and Maleia said...

Sorry to hear that poor Colby is having so much trouble with his tummy. Although, it can't be comfy having extra fluid around his tummy now since it was never there before. I hope he gets to feeling better soon!!! Our thoughts are with you!!! :)


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Anonymous said...

Glad to here that Colby is recovering from surgery. Sad to hear that he has a belly ache. See if you can temporarily switch him to soy. Without the presence of good bacteria, lactose is very hard to break down. I hope he's feeling better soon.