Sunday, August 10, 2008

Quick update from camp

(He's a good eater!)
(Colby and grandpa playing on the floor at camp)

First of all, I've gotten to know another couple down in Florida who have gone through a very similar situation that we did. They were pregnant with twins, the twins came very early, their son Luke passed away and their daughter, Makenzie, has been in the NICU for months. Little Makenzie came home just under 5 pounds this past Friday. So please join me in congratulating Rick and Tiffany on bringing their daughter home!!!

We're still waiting to get an appointment with Colby's eye doctor. As you can imagine, I've been searching up and down on the Internet trying to find out what might be happening to Colby's eyes and I don't really see anything that clearly states what it might be. So we'll just go through the paces and head to the eye doctor to see what he/she has to say.

Friday morning, Colby and I were running errands trying to get ready for us to leave to come to Maine once Tracey got out of work. One thing we needed to do is get the oil changed in the van. So we were sitting in the waiting room at Jiffy Lube or some place like that and I had Colby on my lap. There were a number of people in the waiting room with us. There was a guy and his son sitting across from us. The guy's probably in his 40's and the son, maybe around 15 or so. The guy was watching Colby for a couple minutes and then says "He's got a VP shunt, huh?". I replied that he does and asked how he know about it. Long story short, his son that was sitting next to him was born 10 weeks early some 15 years ago, had a bilateral level 4 brain bleed, was shunted with a couple revisions, but was sitting right next to him, happy as could be. I talked to the two of them a bit and it seemed like things were going pretty well for his son. I didn't want to pry too much about if the boy had any challenges, but just to see that he was out and about, living a good life and being seemingly "normal" made my day.

It's hard sometimes because although I want to be optimistic, I'm also realistic. At least for me it's easier to say that Colby is doing very well given what he's had to deal with than to try to say that he'll be fine one day and we'll never know what he went through. If that does happen, I'll be totally psyched. But if I try to think that way, envision him growing older without and complications and then the day comes that he does end up with something, I'd be crushed. I'd rather say that he's going to be fine, no matter what the outcome and hopefully he will have very little if any noticeable side affects from his premature birth. It's just the way I prefer to process things I guess.
Anyway, I'm going to get this posted and start my day. It's supposed to be pretty rainy weather up here over the next couple days so I'll more than likely end up taking a bunch of pictures and post them.

So to see someone who apparently had a worse brain bleed than Colby and doing so well really made my day.

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