Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pictures, pictures, pictures

(Colby's first boat ride....light seems to trigger his eye thing, so we had a hard time with him being out on the lake.)

(It's funny because Colby seems to really watch us when we're on our laptops. He'll try to reach for the keys or the screen too. Here Evan was on Tracey's laptop and Colby had one of his toys. It seemed like Colby was hard at work on his make believe laptop.)

(Evan showing off one of his catches)
(Colby's first look at a lobster....or should I say...lobstah)

(Maine wildlife)

(The boys talking on the back of the boat during one of our fishing trips....guess the fish weren't biting given the fact that both their poles are laying in the boat.)
(Colby after a bath)
(Colby will watch us as we eat things. Sometime he'll even get his mouth going or open it wide as we put food in our mouths. We figured we'd let him try some different being a lemon)
(Surprisingly, he didn't seem to mind the lemon at all and kept opening his mouth for more!)

(The "Reed boys" at camp)


Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures...Colby looks so happy :)
Love, Mary and Hannah

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures. Colby has such a beautiful expressive face. He also bears a strong resemblance to you and your father.