Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Colby's Birthday Eve

(I still love the black and whites.)
(Colby on the living room floor in his blow up thing for the pool. It's great now that he can sit up. It's fun to put him in things or allow him to sit up and look around.)
(There was a time when he swam inside of his bumbo. Now it fits him snugly.)
(Sitting up like a big boy on a bench with mommy.)
(Tracey, Mom and Ron.)(The family.)

Here are some pictures from the Cape. We had a great summer with a couple trips to Maine and now even a week at the Cape. Colby took his first trip to the ocean beach yesterday. Tracey kept him in the bjorn and he was fine.

Every so often I look back in my e-mail to the e-mails I was sending out before I created the blog. I read the e-mail from one year ago today. We were obviously still pregnant, still on bedrest and ow so very tired. Tracey's contractions had strengthened and we were continuing to count the days of staying pregnant.

It's neat sometimes to look back at times that were difficult and see how you made it through. It puts things in perspective a bit. We would never had thought that the pregnancy would have taken this turn, or that Avery would have passed away, or that Colby would have so many issues......or that Colby would be doing so well now just one day shy of turning one! He's an absolute joy and it's wonderful to watch him grow and blossom.

Everyone that follows his story is part of his journey. Thank you all again for your interest, caring and support.

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Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Colby!!!

Jennifer Hyatt