Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eye doctor appointment

(Colby and mommy down at the lake)
(Colby says "Mommy likes to read me books before I go to bed")

(Colby and I yesterday morning) (We've been trying to work with Colby to help him hold his bottle. Tracey seems to have better luck than I. Here she got him to hold it for a minute or two.)
(Evan and his friend Jeremy out in the kayaks the other day)(Jeremy and a little small mouth bass he caught. Nice job Jeremy!)

(And of course...the star of the show.....the Colbyster...sitting up all by himself. Tracey and I love him in his PJ's. They're just such a little kid thing.)
We finally got an appointment with the eye specialist on August 28th. Hopefully they'll be able to shed some light on what's going on with Colby's eyes.
He's been doing very well up at camp. He had a really runny nose, runny eyes, sneezing and all yesterday. We thought he was getting his first cold. But later in the day it seemed to get better and this morning, as I sit here on the couch with him, he's doing fine. Just sucking away on his pacifier and playing with one of his toys. He's a very content boy. He loves to get attention....what baby doesn't. But he's happy-go-lucky 90% of the time.
Colby's really been experimenting with his voice the last couple weeks. I just love to hear him babbling away. Sometimes it seems that he's responding to us if we say "Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba" he'll repeat it. Tracey put him in his Bjorn and brought him down to the water. It was neat because he babbled most of the way down and then continued when they were down there. He's also doing awesome with reaching towards things and grabbing them. His motor skills are getting better too. He's grabbing at his feet and is much more accurate with his hands. He still does this thing with his hands when he grabs things....he opens and closes his hand, over and over. I asked the woman from Birth to Three and she said it's an immature grabbing reflex. Colby's just about a year old and yes, he's behind on a lot of things. But as long as he continues to show progress, then we can't ask for anything else.
We're enjoying our time up at camp. It's been somewhat cloudy. But in some ways it makes it nice and mellow. Evan brought a friend up with him, so that keeps him busy. The boys spend a lot of time at the lake fishing, paddling around in the kayaks or messing around down in their room. I've brought them out in the boat a couple times and we tied into some bass. They've been fishing off the dock at night and catching eels and even a catfish. I've been coming up to this lake for....well...must be about 33 years now and never caught a catfish. So it was neat to hear that they're in the lake.
It's neat to see Evan growing up here. He's been coming for the last 10 years or so. Just a couple years ago he wouldn't be caught dead down at the water at night. Too many noises in the woods and all. Now he'll head down at night, head down the road and explore some of the rivers that feed the lake, head out on the lake in the kayak.....he's a growing boy. Next year he'll be old enough to drive !!! YIKES!!!
We come up here with friends but come up once every summer as the "family" trip with my dad and stepmom. I was looking at the pictures from last year. We came earlier in the year last year and Tracey was still pregnant with the twins. Below are a couple pics from last year.

(Evan and Tracey fishing off the boat last summer)(Evan and his friend Zack last summer with some white perch they caught last summer)(My lovely wife, all preggo and fishing last summer)(Tracey and I last summer. Boy, if we only knew what was going to happen in a couple weeks...)

I can't wait to see Colby grow up here too.

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