Sunday, August 31, 2008

Colby's Big Day !!!

(If you're holding Colby while you're eating, he'll watch your fork go from your plate, right up to your mouth. Sometimes he'll open his mouth like he's thinking you're going to feed him.)
(And sometimes we do give him a lick of whatever we're eating. We haven't really found anything he doesn't like yet.)
(Whenever Tracey and I travel, even for a day trip, we love to find coffee shops and just have a coffee an pastry or something. This shop was more of a typical breakfast dinner kinda place on the way home from the Cape. Colby seemed to have loved it because he was giggling and smiling almost the entire time. He loves to get out and about. Usually when we bring him somewhere he'll get all excited, kick and wave his arms and start babbling. Such a cutie!!!)
(Colby's also entering the phase where everything....EVERYTHING goes into his mouth. We sat him in his own little chair which put the edge of the table within reach. And no...we didn't let him chew on it. )

(Our little gummy boy. Hopefully some day soon he'll start breaking some teeth!)
Well, today is Colby's big day. We're having his birthday party today. Mother nature seems like she's on our side today as it's going to be an absolutely beautiful day. Colby's actual birthday was on Wednesday, but we were away and it was the middle of the week. So we've got big plans for our boy today. I think he must know it's his special day because he's been very happy and vocal this morning.
I'll post pics from his party either tonight or tomorrow morning.

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Mommakitten said...

Happy Birthday Colby! The boys will be a year old in 1 month. Exactly 1 year ago today we were diagnosed with TTTS. It is amazing how time flies. God is so good. Your little man is so precious. God Bless.